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Ginger Tea

Alternative title : Because sometimes a mug of hot ginger tea makes everything ok with the world. 

It’s been pointed out to me recently that I’m constantly on the go, be it Yoga classes, or Weights/Calisthenics, or Therapy sessions, or just visiting somewhere new … I seem to be unable to sit still! Once of a time I would have been content to spend time in my own company but recently my Mental Health hasn’t been easy to deal with and I’ve found myself needing more and more distractions. Which has resulted in burn out … Honestly, it’s catch-22 sometimes and a total learning curve with regards to what my body and mind need at any given moment.

So while feeling worse for wear in the midst of a lurgy bug (temperature all over the shop!) I took a few days out to just sit in front of the TV, recuperate and drink a lot of rejuvenating ginger tea.

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Educating Millie – Part 1

Alternative title: Because coming home to a house that smells like cat-piss is enough to make anyone lie face down on the floor in protest … Though be sure to dab the area with paper towel first as a face full of piss just makes the whole thing so much worse.  

As I type this Millie-Mischief is undergoing re-litter training and yes, this is as fun as it sounds. You can’t turn your back for a second because as soon as you do your lovely cream carpet becomes a funny shade of yellow and you end up with 30 minutes of scrubbing the floor with disinfectant in your (not too distant) future. All the while said cat watches from a worktop with a look on her face that just screams “oh yeah bitch, I’m totally not using that plastic piece of crap full of sand!”

Oh aye … I love paying a mortgage for a cat to have an expensive toilet.

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The Hardest Words

**Heads up again folks – I’m talking Depression and Self-harm today… This is your trigger warning**

Alternative title: Contrary to what Elton John told us, saying “I need help” is the hardest thing to say. 

I knew the question was coming, we’d already discussed how my body and mind were reacting the new medication with regards to sleep, Anxiety and ‘low mood’ (Depression). I knew the question was coming, but it didn’t make facing it any easier. I knew the question was coming … And it froze me in my tracks. My blood ran cold, tears started to fall, my words became a whisper.

“Have you thought about harming yourself?” my GP asked again.

I considered lying. I considered saying it was one off  … But those words failed. Those words would have been a lie.

“Yes … ” my voice small “I have”

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Turmeric Milk!

Alternative title: Yep … Turmeric … Milk. Sounds utterly delish right?

I am so ready for Weights/Calisthenics followed by Yoga tonight, I had a bit of therapy on my neck and spine (as well as cupping) last week and my therapist was very strict when it came to imposing a diet of rest, relaxation and all things kidney friendly for a few days after. While I have to admit that cuddling up in a duvet and binge watching “Californication” has been awesome (David Du-freaking-chovny!) my body and mind has been pining for the gym and the mat.

Plus, I have a new yoga mat that is just staring at me! It’s in need of a test drive.

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