Hi all,


If you’re here looking for Lancashire Hotpot recipes then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place, but might I  recommend this recipe, this one and this one too! If it’s actually the band you’re after then try here (if you’ve never heard of them then have a listen to ‘Chippy Tea’ you might just like the dulcet Northern tones). Not a totally wasted journey huh?


If you’re here because you’re interested in the whitterings of a 30-something Lancashire lass then welcome! Grab a bean bag, a cup of tea and let’s settle in for a natter.


My name is Ruebi, I’m a Migraineur (yes there is a term for migraine sufferers), I’m also Hypothyroid and have OCD and OCPD (yes they are different disorders). As you can see, my body and mind are far from the temple it is supposed to be. But, I’m not defined by my illnesses…I’m also a lover of tea (I’m British, it’s in my blood!), a reluctant runner, an ex-pole dancing student (yep that’s a thing), I love thunderstorms, I love to travel, I’m a science nut, a yoga student, a TV boxset/series/horror movie addict, a Placebo fangirl and a Cacti/Succulent obsessive.


One of my life’s ambitions is to write my name in the snow….in urine obviously…using a She-Wee (yes that’s actually a thing, yes I am excited about the prospect of peeing while standing up, no I won’t apologise for that).


I’m also trying to change things in my life for the better….aren’t we all?


Since losing my dad to cancer on New Years Eve 2016 I’ve also started to blog about grief, loss and healing as I attempt to come to terms with a life without him (which I can safely say is pretty damned hard!). I try to keep humour in these posts (as he had quite a mischievous side to him and know he would appreciate that) but it doesn’t always happen. This is also the reason behind my posts being rather sporadic at times as I don’t want to promise a post schedule only to fail miserably at it because the grief monster is kicking my ass.


With all this said, I hope you’ll stay at LHB HQ for a little while … Or at least long enough to grab a custard cream to dunk in your cuppa!


R x


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