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Alternative title: Because the last thing you want to do when dealing with a Migraine hangover is having needles stuck in your face right? … Unless you’re called Ruebi of course … In which case you throw that postdrome shit to the wind and try not to hurl during midline scalp Acupuncture!  

So as I mentioned in my post on Cupping Therapy my Therapist wanted to try out Acupuncture for my Migrainey brain and quite frankly, I’m willing to try most things in an attempt to control and/or minimise the frequency of the attacks (as after 15+ years with Migraine I’m not sure if it will ever be possible for me to find a cure for them) … It would however be nice to be able to venture out into the world without quickly finding myself in the prodrome phase without painkillers (nightmare!).

So, why Acupuncture I hear you ask? Well, the insertion and manipulation (i.e. moving) of Acupuncture needles in certain points or Meridian lines on the body is thought to stimulate blood flow, the nervous system and Qi (Chi). It is used to treat various ailments such as Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, pain (I’m going to throw Migraine in this one as my word that describes them to a tee) and even allergies! I know so many people that have tried it for back pain, sports injuries and even just as a precursor to a massage as a form of relaxation.

As I mentioned earlier, we were going with Migraine in this session which meant we were working on the meridian lines associated with head pain and stress … We were basically tapping into points on the scalp, forehead, chest, hands and ears! According to my Therapist Acupuncture may work to release tension (or stagnant Qi) at the insertion sites or may even block pain messages going to the brain.


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My skin isn’t at it’s finest when I’m run-down, if my body feels like hell then my skin just breaks out … Was glad for a mini snooze truth be told.


So if you’ve got this far you’re probably wondering how it actually felt? For the most part the needle insertion didn’t hurt, there was just one on the midpoint of the midline of my scalp that was painful. My Therapist insisted that this was due to stagnant Qi … Though I’m pretty sure it was because my scalp is always rather tender before, during and after Migraine attacks. Have to say though, with the calming music playing and the needles in place I could have happily stayed where I was for hours … I found the whole thing incredibly relaxing and I have to say, I did feel invigorated!

Although, I do favour a combination of Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy as the cups manage to release a lot of tension at the base of the neck and oh my word, it feels amazing! Which when followed by Acupuncture just makes the body feel so calm and chilled … I wouldn’t recommend it for a morning session though as you feel physically wiped out afterwards!

So lovelies, have you ever tried acupuncture for your ailments? Or just for general relaxation? Did it work for you?

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  1. My mom did several acupuncture sessions for shoulder pain, and she said it worked like a charm. Even when massage, yoga, and a chiropractor didn’t relieve it.

  2. I had about 6 session of accupuncture years ago for my chronic back pain. It worked while I was getting the session but after I stopped going the pain soon came back! I couldn’t afford to keep going so it was put on the shelf. I might have a google and see where offers it in Edinburgh now, it’s something I’d love to go back to!

    • Ruebi

      I’ve only had two sessions so far and unfortunately the frequency and severity of the Migraines are the same … We’ll see if this changes the further into the treatment I get 🙂 Have to say, I think I prefer the Cupping Therapy as there is a point at the base of the neck that holds so much tension that the cups help to release.

      (PS – I love Edinburgh! My other half and I went a couple of years ago and just adored the place).

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