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Aerial Hoop

Alternative title: My feet are pressed against the fabric wrap, the metal resting against my neck, I steady my breath, I steady my heart and release my hands from the hoop…

S had initially talked me into the Aerial Hoop taster session in the hopes of finding an alternative to Pole Class (our instructor has been rather unreliable of late) … It soon became a necessary distraction as my Depression started to take hold. And distraction it was! The moment I saw the hoop my mind was suddenly focused on the poses, the steps it took to complete them, in awe of the body as it pushed itself further and further.

The body silenced the mind … It silenced the demons.

When my Depression flares it starts to pick me apart, starting with my body. Perceived flaws are elevated to levels akin to monstrous, I start to pick and pinch at my skin, scratching at the Acne … I know that the image I see is distorted when Depression is in the Captain’s chair, so why I do I believe each drop of poison it drips into my system?

Looping my right leg over the hoop, my right hand gripping the fabric tight, I bring my left leg round and grab it with my left hand. Toes pointed. Spinning gently. With every inhale and exhale I take in the pose the mind quietens. It thinks of the contrasting feeling of the skin of my foot and the fabric on the hoop, the pressure applied by the hoop on the back of my knee and my hand on the hoop … For a moment I close my eyes. For a moment everything is calm. Controlled.   



Why yes … There, in the background, are poles! Heaven!


Some moves I couldn’t manage in Pole Dancing were manageable in Hoop … For example (and don’t tell my Yoga Instructors!) I managed to get my feet over my head, I watched my toes flex and point. I held the pose comfortably, wanting to stay there for as long as I could (though if I tried this I would likely pass out from blood rushing to my head – at least I’d be at the UCC for something other than trapping my finger in a car door!).

Aerial Hoop made me feel strong, physically and mentally. It reminded me that I needed my exercise routine (it lapsed over Christmas), it reminded me that challenging myself is an essential part of life (even if it’s poop your pants terrifying), it reminded me that my body is capable of amazing things (we all need reminding of such things from time to time). Unfortunately I can’t fit Aerial Hoop into my schedule at the moment … So I’ve opted for Aerial Silks instead (which fits nicely around my Yoga classes)! Here’s to a new adventure!

So folks – have any of you taken up a new exercise class this year? Or gone to any taster sessions? Or set yourself a new challenge with your current exercise maybe? Anyone signed up for any marathons perhaps?

R x


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  1. So pleased and proud Roo <3 You're so motivated! I have zero acrobatic skill whatsoever… But I do need to start my exercise routine again, because it really helped with anxiety and depression. Keep going- you're doing so, so we'll XXX

    • Ruebi

      I keep trying to push myself to do these things … Promising instructors I’ll be there (I have quite understanding Yoga teachers who check in on me) or bulk booking classes so it’s money wasted if I don’t drag myself there. I have started to feel better purely from having my Yoga classes back … It’s comforting.

      As for Acrobatic skills … It’s possible to learn 🙂 We all begin somewhere with it! (For eg, I have my first Aerial Silks class this week – eep!). I seem to be obsessed with this sort of exercise though! xx

      • Well, I think it’s great. It’s not run of the mill stuff and you are pushing yourself, which makes you feel good, which is what is important 😀 Me, I’m a non strenuous type… I like a little swim in a cool pool 🙂 X

        • Ruebi

          I would like to go back to swimming … But I’m not a confident swimmer and panic in water … 🙁 Excellent exercise though! x

  2. You are doing brilliantly – that looks like a really great form of exercise xx #PoCoLo

    • Ruebi

      Thank you Vic! It was so much fun – which is what I think exercise should be! I don’t want to do anything that seems like a chore otherwise I have no motivation to work out xx

  3. That’s a very urgent and gripping piece of writing. Your body and mind playing off each other. I wish you well and thank you for this striking read.

    • Ruebi

      The mind and body have so many battles that sometimes I’m amazed that they can actually work together as a team! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  4. I loved the way you wrote this. It made me feel like I was right there with you! I’ve always wanted to do aerial hoop but a bad back has stopped me so far. You’ve made me want to do it though! Xx

    • Ruebi

      I have a bit of an obsession with Aerial Arts … Be it Hoop, Silks or Pole. They fascinate me and I want to try them all … All the darned time! Lol. I remember when I wrote this I was so excited that it came out as a stream of consciousness – glad you enjoyed that though! And having a bad back is the worst, my yoga instructor reminds me all the time that we need to take care of them but I think it’s only after you’ve hurt it that you realise just how much care is needed for them – I hope it starts to feel better soon xxx

  5. Wow – how empowering! Well done on doing this, I don’t think I could ever do it, I’d be so scared to fall off (I have a thing about falling – and try not to do it too much), but I can totally imagine the calm up there. Good luck and thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

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