Alternative title: At my last Docs appointment it was noted that I eat a lot of gluten…More specifically, I can eat my way through a loaf of thick white bread in a day. Especially if mixed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Oh my word!…So to be a sadistic asshole (not really) she suggested I lower my intake of gluten (by quite a bit). She suggested I try removing my beloved bread from my diet for a while. Her suggestion is something I’m struggling with a little (read as: a lot!).


“Let’s get some bread!” My brain cheered as we wandered past the bakery section.

“We’ll have a look when we reach the gluten-free aisle” … which isn’t an aisle, it’s about 2 shelves! What the heck?

“But I want some now!” The smell was overwhelming.

“Seriously it’s just down this aisle” I tried to be reassuring.

I shouldn’t have tried…Imagine my brain’s response to there being no gluten-free bread on the shelf. Oh yes, it threw an absolute tantrum about cravings and life being unfair (really it was just upset that we’d had a stressy day at work)…Doesn’t help that some clever sod had placed a loaf of our favourite bread right at eye level.

Evil. Git.

Anyway, I had picked up some gluten-free porridge oats for my breakfasts but couldn’t resist the idea of throwing them into a smoothie. This recipe isn’t gluten-free due to the choice of liquid I’ve used (I explain below) but it’s easy to switch this for an alternative should you want/need to.



Serves 1.

2 bananas.

2 tbsp Oats (I’m using Gluten-Free as per docs suggestion).

A handful of Spinach.

380ml liquid (I picked Oatly Organic Oat Milk…Because…Well…Oatly*!).


Banana, Oat and Spinach1

If you took the Spinach out…This would be BREAKFAST!


Chuck all the ingredients into a jug..


Banana, Oat and Spinach2

Just waiting for the oat milk…Nom!




Banana, Oat and Spinach3

My Nutribullet matches nothing in my kitchen…Stands out a bloody mile! I’d make a terrible interior designer…


And enjoy!


Banana, Oat and Spinach4

I should apologise here…It’s yet another green smoothie!


*Oatly isn’t gluten-free, it does contain less than 100ppm (mg/kg) which classifies it as having extremely low levels (see doc, I did listen!)…Obviously if you want this to be GF free just switch the Oatly for your preferred alternative.

R x

PS – It’s very nearly “Hannibal” time…This Fannibal is totally excited! Come on fellow Fannibals, let yourselves be known! I need people to fan-girl with!