Alternative title: Ruebi and M’s adventures in Norway…First stop, Bergen! Woop, woop! 


Money Exchange Lady: “So that’s 8,000kr*”

Me: “Oh wow, I feel so rich!”

Money Exchange Lady: “You won’t when you get there”

Brain: “Was that a smirk? … I think it was a smirk!”

Me: “…umm…”

Brain: “Miserable sod”

I should point out right now that Norway is not a budget destination, especially if you like a tipple! But it is possible to experience and enjoy this wonderful place without having to remortgage your house.

After a 2 hour flight and 30 minutes on the Airport Shuttle we arrived at our hotel (considering I was in the Postdrome Migraine phase I can safely say I have never been so happy to see a hotel in my life! All I wanted to do was eat something stodgy and sleep)…Situated on the edge of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Bryggen was the Radisson Blu Royal. Chosen for a. Location and b. Their amazing healthy breakfasts (which were included in the price of the stay)!

I mean look at what was mere steps from our accommodation:



How fabulous are these buildings?! …


Mere. Freaking. Steps!



And the view from the harbour? … Absolutely gorgeous!


According to UNESCOBryggen is a historic harbour district in Bergen, one of North Europe’s oldest port cities on the west coast of Norway which was established as a centre for trade by the 12th century”. The trade it speaks of is the one established by the Hanseatic League in around 1360 with them establishing an office in Bergen.

Bergen is located on Bergenshalvøyen (Bergen Peninsula) and is surrounded by Fjords and the Seven Mountains (I mention one of them – Fløyen – later in the post).

We only had a couple of days in Bergen so with early starts, blister plasters and camera’s in tow we set about exploring this amazing, historic city…On foot. It’s quite a small place so relatively easy to navigate!

(In case you’re wondering, Bergen is the 2nd most populous city in Norway…Oslo being the 1st, obviously).

Anyway, a few thoughts and experiences we thought we should share:

The Fish Market

It is such a busy place (as a result I couldn’t manage to get a decent photo) but we did stop to sample some of the food…



Fresh crab meat with salad…Beautifully seasoned, tasted divine! (This cost us approximately £21 each).


There is such an abundance of fresh fish and crustaceans to choose from (which left me with an “oh-my-gosh-where-do-I-start!” feeling), the stall holders are incredibly friendly (offering up plenty of advice if, like me, you feel a bit overwhelmed as to what to try) without being pushy and considering other local meals, this was actually quite reasonably priced!

If after all that delightful seafood you fancy something sweet there is always…


Basically a Norwegian Cinnamon bun…But this was unlike any cinnamon bun I’ve experienced before! It was so light (almost bread-like in texture), the cinnamon was quite subtle and it was sweet without being overpowering. One of these with a fresh cup of coffee is just heaven!



This has easily overtaken the Palmier as my favourite pastry!


Old Town

Given how I started this post you might be surprised to read that it wasn’t just the food that brought us to Norway…Oh no, we were intrigued by the history and architecture, the history I’ve already mentioned, the architecture, well…See for yourselves:



So many quirky streets…



So many gorgeous buildings…



All waiting to be explored!


As peculiar as this may sound to some, I have to mention it (seen as I’m talking buildings/architecture)…


The graffiti is amazing. I love street art!



This was my favourite piece…The colours were so vibrant!



This one was rather well hidden! … Suppose that’s the point though really.



This made me nostalgic for my old Nintendo!


If exploring nature is more your thing, take…

The Fløibanen Funicular


It doesn’t look that busy here but each time we had seen it prior to this there had been huge queues!


The funicular will take you to the top of Mount Fløyen in approximately 7-8 minutes, the highest point of Fløyen is 425 metres but the funicular takes you 320 metres…



The front rows were already snaffled! So all photo’s I have of this bit have reflections of people on the glass…Which is a bit of an odd look but hey ho!


Leaving you with this view:



Worth embracing a fear of heights for huh, M?


And if you are so inclined, there are plenty of nature trails to follow…



A beauty that leaves you breathless


Some with their own stories to tell…



Be careful of the baby dinosaurs…They’ll snaffle your chocolate stash right out of your handbag (at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)


There is so much more to see in Bergen, unfortunately time was not on our side and after 2 days, we packed our suitcases, boarded the Flybussen and headed for our internal flight to Ålesund in the Sunnmøre region…

R & M x

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*At the time of writing this 8,000 Norwegian Krone worked out at ~£643.