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Bird of Paradise

Alternative title: “Go to an Intermediate class” she said … “It’ll be great for you to try” she said … “You need to keep challenging yourself” she said … I’m recalling the words of my beginner yoga tutor (K) as I attempt to become a pretzel … I don’t even like pretzels! 

I’m trying to manipulate my body into Svarga Dvidasana, my arms are screaming bloody murder, I’m drenched in sweat and my balance resembles someone who has downed 10 pints of cheap lager followed by a shot of everything on the top shelf.

“Breathe”  the new instructor (S) reminds me “breathe into the asana. Trust that you can do this”.

I breathe. I relax. I move …

I focus my balance. I focus my thoughts … Finally I smile as I realise Svarga Dvidasana is not the impossible move I thought it was.

I suppose we all have moments in which we consider things to be impossible … Granted some things are, for example, I will never be a glitter farting, rainbow pooping unicorn. As much as I’d love to be one of those majestic gassy creatures with a silver mane, the fact remains that it is an impossibility (no, don’t try to persuade me otherwise, it’ll just prolong the hurt!).

However some of the things I once considered impossible (such as Svarga Dvidasana) are, in the words of the Mad Hatter “only if you believe it is“. Yoga has taught me that, as with most things in life, you will get moments in which your brain will suddenly shriek “what the f- are we thinking?! Did I raise you to be a moron?!”

It will make you believe that you are asking the impossible of yourself, that the task is just too difficult to comprehend … The question then becomes: is the task really impossible or is your brain feeding into negativity to keep you in a “comfort zone”? Enclosed in a realm in which there is semblance of control through familiar cues.

My brain just doesn’t like the idea of my body being contorted into peculiar shapes … It also doesn’t like fax machines, crowded places, social events, the idea of prawns (don’t ask, trust me) or anything that involves getting out of bed. As you can imagine with the Bird of Paradise asana there was much “where are you putting that arm?”, “you can’t seriously expect your hands to be comfortable there?!”, “oh shit me I can’t look”, “whatever you’re about to do with that leg just stop! STOP!”, “do you want to end up dislocating that le- … oh … is this the pose?” … “See, I totally told you we could do this” (lying turd that it is!).

While I concede that your brain does occasionally react in a way that it considers to be for your own good (and it is actually right to do so) … Sometimes proving it wrong is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Sometimes the smallest of victories has the biggest impact on mindset.

I’m considering posting progress shots from my yoga and pole dancing journey in the new year … What do you lovely lot think?

Also – I’m on holiday this week so if you want to see more awesome pics like:



I so can’t get over how amazing York Minster is!


I’ll be on Instagram and Twitter using the #LHB_Travels hashtag if you want to keep up with my festive adventures!

R x

PS – I have “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” stuck in my head (and we all know what I’m like for singing random tunes when out in public!) – please tell me I’m not the only one feeling incredibly festive already!


**EDIT – As some of you are aware I love Cumbria, it is a beautiful awe-inspiring part of the UK and somewhere that totally has my heart. Recently it’s been struck by severe flooding due to Storm Desmond and while appealing for aid isn’t something I would normally do on here I feel I should at least share this link to the Cumbria Flood Appeal … If there is anyway in which you can help, please do!**


Call me Q …


The Holly and the Ivy


  1. Wow. Well done you. Even in my younger days when I was apparently made of rubber and had flexibility up the wazoo, I think that pose would’ve given me pause.

    I miss yoga. I’d take it up properly again in an instant if I could find a decent class in my city that wasn’t hideously overpriced. I vote yes on the progress shots so I can live vicariously through your triumphs!

    • Ruebi

      Oooo I can so relate to the plight of finding a class that isn’t overpriced! Most around here are only accessible with a gym membership … Which considering I don’t want to use quite a hefty amount of money from my wage for facilities I won’t use just seems pointless.

      Do I have to post progress shots even if said progress involves me face-planting the mat?

  2. Well done! I’d love to get back into yoga in 2016. It really is about mind over body though, and I struggle to believe that my body really can do it!


    • Ruebi

      I’ll be honest – when I first tried yoga I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do it and that I would make a fool of myself. BUT, as my instructor says “everyone starts somewhere”. A year ago I wouldn’t have even looked at this pose let alone attempted it! It’s all about practice and noticing the little changes.

      You can totally do it! 🙂

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