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Bit of a Boost

Alternative title: #LHB_Juice_January Day 2 … Orange and Carrot Juice

Ok folks, it’s day 2 of #LHB_Juice_January and we’re kicking the day off with a “Bit of a boost” Juice for the moments in which you just need a bit of a sweet hit with a dose of Vitamin C thrown in for good measure.

I absolutely love this juice after being mistakenly given it in Prague (was supposed to be an order of one carrot juice and one orange juice but by eck am I glad of the mix up!).

So, why the all fuss about oranges you ask? Well…

Not only does 100g of orange contain 64% daily value (according to the USDA) of Vitamin C but it also has a decent dose of the B Vitamins (specifically B1 – Thiamine and B9 – Folate), Phytochemicals (we’re talking Carotenoids and Flavonoids). So not only does your skin get a lovely boost, so too does your immune system … And the Flavonoids, well, they are anti-inflammatory and provide support to the Cardiovascular and Nervous Systems (amongst other things).

Plus oranges have a delightfully tangy flavour!

Ingredients (Makes 1): 

1 Orange

4 Carrots




Just peel and slice it all up then bob in the juicer (for this one I’m using an Optimum 400)!



Bit of a Boost



If you want to join in with my Juice January challenge (I would love it if you did!), simply post an image of your juice to Twitter / Instagram with the #LHB_Juice_January hashtag!

Alternatively, if you just want to keep up with my attempt you can find me on my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

R x


Beetroot with Bite


You say Tomato, I say …


  1. That looks really healthy indeed, all the best with your challenge!

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