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Blueberry and Ginger Smoothie

Alternative title: Some utter git has infected me with the lurgy bug…I have my suspicions as to the identity of this Typhoid Mary and needless to say she won’t be impressed to find the background picture on her desktop changed to a close up photo of a cat’s butt-hole!


“I’m dying…” my brain mumbled through the fog.

“No you’re not, it’s a sniffle…” I mutter back, rubbing my nose.

“A death sniffle…” it bellowed, adamant.

“Pretty sure it’s just a little sniffle” I bellow back, checking the sleeve of my hoody for snot.

“That your professional diagnosis is it? Well where’s your bloody medical degree huh? I know a death sniffle when I…well…sniffle it, Dr. Smart-arse!”

My brain is such a drama queen.

Sighing I traipsed into the kitchen, my body craving something sweet but me not giving in to chocolate due to my (rather stupid) pledge to become healthier this year.  Suddenly I knew what I could have to appease this craving, it was like divine intervention (of the ‘I bought these items earlier and stored them in the fridge you forgetful sod’ kind)…I could have blueberries, because my brain for some unknown reason associates blueberries with muffins. Whenever I eat those delightfully purple balls (yes that sounds so wrong) I’m flooded with happy baked goods memories.

So folks…Here is a recipe for a blueberry and ginger smoothie:

Serves 1.

1 cup of blueberries (obviously).

1 tsp ginger (or a bit more if you’d like the taste of ginger to kick you in the face).

1 banana.

3/4 cup of unsweetened soya milk.

1 tbsp of 0% fat Greek Style Yogurt (I picked one with honey…For a bit of added sweetness).



I squealed a bit when I found a yogurt that contained honey…Yes I’m that sad git.


Blueberries and ginger

A tiny bit of ginger to kick the lurgy’s ass!

Basically you whack it all in a jug or bowl or whatever and blend the heck out of it!

Blueberry and ginger smoothie

Was thinking how much I loved the colour of it…Then realised it resembled my worktop which is all kinds of weird…FYI, the worktop does not taste as good as this smoothie does!

Add some ice cubes if you like…Maybe some cinnamon if you’re feeling adventurous. Whatever floats your boat.

Then relax and enjoy!

What are your favourite smoothies for when you’re feeling under the weather?

R x


Yoga Definitely!


Slimming Club Membership – Revoked!


  1. Ah blueberries. For some of us, the season is just six short months away. Nice looking recipe. Hope it chases your bug right out of your body. Visiting from Sunday Blog Share. Cheers!

    • Ruebi

      Hello from the Sunday Blog Share (lovely little community isn’t it?).

      I absolutely love blueberries…Though suspect it is purely because my brain associates them with cakes…Says a lot about my diet prior to 2015.

  2. ha ha haaaaaaa! The death sniffle… we’ve all been there love! I’m going to give this smoothie a go now I have a blender! I’ve been having mashed up banana, blueberries and a spoonful of honey (SQUEEEEE!) in my porridge in the morning. It’s bloody delicious! X

    • Ruebi

      Let me know what you think of the smoothie! 🙂

      I’ve been trying different things with the porridge in the mornings…I’m managing breakfast most days purely because of fruit or honey. I’m slowly realising just how important breakfast is!

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