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Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Alternative title: Yes…A smoothie…In a bowl! 


“Why are you putting that smoothie in a bowl?” my brain asked perplexed.

“Because it’s a smoothie bowl…It’s a bit thicker than a normal smoothie because of the frozen banana and the avocado…You eat it with a spoon” I wave the spoon in the air, as though this gives it further significance.

“No really…Why are you putting that smoothie in a bowl?” my brain isn’t convinced.


“Yes? I’m listening…” I can almost hear it impatiently tapping a foot (if brain’s had feet, obviously).

“…Because I want to make something pretty, ok?!”

“…Sure…” my brain still isn’t convinced.

Whether it is convinced or not doesn’t matter as I’m quite impressed with the whole smoothie bowl concept. You just throw all your delicious ingredients together, blitz it up, throw on some toppings and snaffle with a spoon (sounds a lot like ice-cream huh?).




Serves 1

100g blueberries

200ml milk (I used Oatly…I’m slightly concerned I have a bit of an addiction to this stuff!) 

2 bananas (sliced and frozen)

½ avocado (because they rock!)


The process is simple – put the blueberries, bananas, avocado and milk into a blender…


Avocado and Blueberry2

Anyone else think this looks a bit like bubble tea?


…blitz until smooth, tip into a bowl, add your toppings and stick a spoon in the mix!


Avocado and Blueberry3

As pretty as a pretty thing…


For toppings I added Goji Berries (because they are awesome) and some of my favourite gingerbread (from Grasmere – So delicious!) for a bit of heat.

Oh my word – the combination was just fabulous!

So folks – have you tried smoothie bowls yet?

R x

PS – As I mentioned on Tuesday – I’m off on my travels! If you want to keep track of my wanderings and find out whereabouts I’m visiting I should hopefully be updating my Instagram – tinternet permitting of course – using the #LHB_Travels hashtag! Come by and say hi!




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  1. Mmmm Oatly…. Yummy! I got loads of it when it was on offer for £1 in Morrisons, but I’ve now run out and need more! Preferably for £1 as £1.39 is steep! Eek! If you see it on offer let me know!!!! X

    • Ruebi

      Just been Googling my nearest Morrisons for an Oatly run! That said, I have a bottle of rice milk by Rude Health in my kitchen…Just a bit scared to try it! I mean, rice…milk?! (Oh man, I’m turning into Peter Kay with the whole “garlic bread” scenario!).

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