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C25k Week 3!

Alternative title: At 5:15am my alarm jolts into life, at 5:30am I’m chugging a protein shake, at 5:40am I’m arguing with a sports bra and at 6am I’m running with the group … The cold air caused my lungs to shriek, my body wondering what the hell it was now encountering, every part of me wants to stop, but we trudge on … With only street lights to guide us. 

“I’m going to be sick” my stomach muttered.

“Why aren’t we still sleeping?! This is inhumane!” screamed my brain.

“It’ll do us good” I murmured between heaving breaths, only half convinced.

“I’m telling you I’m going to barf” my stomach whinged.

“Dude …” my brain said with disdain “I want to be adopted”

Running with a group has definitely given me a motivation boost, I feel less likely to say “nah, screw that” if there are people waiting for me to show up. I’m less likely to just turn off the alarm, roll over and allow myself to doze.

But more than that, since my dad passed away I’ve found myself needing to be around people and just be immersed in something by way of a distraction. The Anxiety and Depression I feel at the moment seem to be clouded in a melancholy so clawing that I don’t want to give myself time to stop and think … This doesn’t mean I’m ignoring emotions or bottling things up, I am acknowledging them. I’m allowing myself to grieve. But if I think too much I end up having issues in the form of existential crisis … And that certainly is not a sight to behold!

Running gives my brain clarity (even if it takes it a while to get over the shock of no longer being asleep) … The choice to go running gives me a sense of control over my health (which I have been neglecting recently), a longing to be healthier … And the group I run with are supportive, strong and inspirational. Though maybe don’t tell them I said that, they’ll make me run an extra mile for being soft!

The run itself was … Horrendous to say the least. I struggled to keep up (though the other runners kept coming back for me), I sweated buckets (next time I’ll leave the thermal top at home) and I dry heaved a few times (pretended I was coughing) but the buzz (runners high?) afterwards was intense! I felt determined to improve … No, I feel determined to improve. And even though the run was not how I envisioned it to be (me galloping all elegant and gazelle like), I’m proud that I actually got my ass out of bed and did it.

I’m not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination (unless scoffing Jelly Tots becomes an Olympic sport in which case I’m expecting a gold medal) but to complete the C25K would be an amazing achievement … Especially as I have my eyes on The Color Run and Tough Mudder – if not this year, definitely next!

Anyway, before my dreams get the better of me … I need to focus on week 4! Eep! With week 4 comes the C25K, multiple yoga classes and a weights session or 2, for a lass with no New Years Resolutions my goal making skills are through the roof!


C25K Week 3 | LHB Blog

In between running group meets, Yoga classes and weightlifting I’ve even found a bit of time to explore my local area with my other half! … Lancashire has some amazing places to visit, like the Haslingden Halo Panopticon for example (pictured! Photo is from my Insta).


Oh – and week 3 for the NHS Couch to 5k is “a five-minute walk to warm up, then 2x repetitions of 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, three minutes of running and three minutes of walking” … Then obviously a cool down.

Have any of you tried the Couch to 5K or are attempting it? Have you got any motivational tunes that will get my ass in gear at 5am (because I think I’m going to need them … The angrier the better!)?

R x

PS : I’ve added a Couch to 5K category so you can keep up with all my running adventures (or rather misadventures)!  Awesome huh?


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  1. Oh keep going, you are doing so well! There is no way that I would haul my arse out of bed to run even when I was physically well enough to BUT the C25K really works. i hate running but I did it – I made it 5k running non stop and prior to this, I had never run in my life. I continued in early pregnancy and then at 19 weeks, my health went tits up and the rest is history but go girl, you’ve got this. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

    • Ruebi

      If it wasn’t for my running partner I would struggle, a lot. She’s the reason I haul my butt out of bed at 5am. People are noticing this change too as I’ve never been much of a runner, and I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. Now I actually get a need to run if for any reason I miss a run (Migraines have been the biggest hindrance this week!). I feel a need to change the way I approach my health and life – this seems to be the start of it all. Eep!

      So yeah, I’ll keep going! 🙂

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