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Turmeric Milk!

Alternative title: Yep … Turmeric … Milk. Sounds utterly delish right?

I am so ready for Weights/Calisthenics followed by Yoga tonight, I had a bit of therapy on my neck and spine (as well as cupping) last week and my therapist was very strict when it came to imposing a diet of rest, relaxation and all things kidney friendly for a few days after. While I have to admit that cuddling up in a duvet and binge watching “Californication” has been awesome (David Du-freaking-chovny!) my body and mind has been pining for the gym and the mat.

Plus, I have a new yoga mat that is just staring at me! It’s in need of a test drive.

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Chinese Cupping Therapy

Alternative title: Because sometimes going to the GP’s office becomes lot like listening to a broken record … While smashing your head on the table next to the record player. 

During my last GP appointment I mentioned that my Migraines have been flaring a lot more than usual and wondered if there was something else we could try  … Unfortunately it appears I have worked my way through the majority of the drugs they offer and those that remain are in the groups that I am known to react to. Brilliant. Just freaking brilliant.

Once again I am left with cocodamol or spork … My choice. I should point out that neither were particularly useful when I hurled my guts at work and couldn’t figure out the way back to my desk during a delightful Migraine attack. I had to be driven home by the boss! Again! Just ugh.

It feels like I have no control over my body and/or brain with my various ailments and my constant reliance on pure medicine is proving … Underwhelming. So, this is a “why the hell not” to trying complementary/alternative/holistic medicines alongside …

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