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Homemade Granola

Alternative title: I fear I now have an addiction to Granola…


During our stay in Ålesund I probably consumed my body weight in nut-free Granola and complimentary waffles, I nearly cried over the cereal section on our last breakfast there…I know, odd reaction really, but in my hometown I can’t find nut-free Granola for love nor money and I am one of the poor unfortunate souls who end up screaming “I don’t want nuts!” in the aisle of the local supermarket.

It’s not that I oppose nutty cereals or anything (you’re already aware of my love of Almonds…Especially in butter form) but I find some of them to be quite overpowering. I actually want to taste the oats, otherwise I’d just buy a bag of hazelnuts or cashews and add milk to that.

Actually I probably wouldn’t as I’m still adapting to my new found affection for almonds and this change in taste doesn’t seem to have extended to other nuts yet…(Ok folks, admit it, how many of you giggled at that statement?).

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Overnight Oats with Goji Berries and Choccy-Honey Syrup

Alternative title: …And breathe! Wow…Think the actual title says it all for a change! 


When I’m in the Migraine hangover (postdrome) phase I crave certain foods of the stodgy or overly sugary kind and drink of the milk variety (…By the bucket load! I kinda understand the stodgy and sugary cravings, but MILK? What the heck?!).

I’m not ashamed to admit that I usually give into these cravings. Considering my brain doesn’t know it’s arse from it’s elbow after an attack I’m ok with appeasing it…And after experiencing a Migraine from Hell the other day I wanted something very specific…I wanted chocolate. Not just a little piece of dark chocolate, oh no, I wanted the whole sodding chocolate factory complete with waterfall (“the waterfall is most important”).

This time though, I didn’t fancy having a tantrum at the Oompa Loompas as they dragged my backside out of the factory while singing something weird about me and I certainly didn’t want to traipse to the shop in the muggy weather (do any fellow Migraineurs find that the weather affects your noggins?), but I couldn’t just ignore the craving. So I hauled myself into the kitchen in search of cacao powder…And for some reason, honey. The next bit of that story is rather messy (cacao EVERYWHERE! It’s like sand in that respect) but the result is awesome…

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Very Easy Overnight Oats

Alternative title: Today I’m going to talk about Overnight Oats and…What? Yes it’s cold oats…What do you mean that sounds gross and snotty? Where are you going?! Just hear me out and…Fine! Slam the door on the way out!


Ok folks so I have a bit of a confession to make…I fully expect you all to tell it as it is, call me a silly sod and tell me that I should know better. Because I do know better. Really I do. You ready to hear this? Really? … Sigh…Ok here goes – Recently I’ve committed the terrible sin of neglecting breakfast. It’s been going on for about a week.

*Hides as you all gasp in shock and horror*

I know I know, the extra 15 minutes or so in bed just isn’t worth forgoing the most important meal of the day. My body has told me this, repeatedly…By growling like a petulant git from the hours of 9am to 1pm (lunch-time at work) and making me look an utter tool in meetings by answering “arrgggguuuuulllllgggg” to all the questions.

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