Alternative title: With Avocado-gate still very raw in the Slimming Club I did what I thought best…I smashed the hell out of two whole Avocados and added cocoa powder! I then sat there scooping every last smidgen from the (portioned) tub with a massive gormless grin on my face…While waving at them.


I’ve been searching for something sweet to help with the “I would give my left tit for a half a tub of cookie dough ice cream” cravings and had read on the interweb that avocado could be mashed into a mousse. A chocolate mousse. The problem with the recipes I came across were that they contained dates (I can’t look at wrinkly fruit…I just…urgh), or vanilla extract (I find this a bit sickly after a while) or nuts (I just can’t deal with nuts in my mouth…oh shut up). So, I decided to just throw some ingredients together and see what happened….

The result…Chocolate Fricking Mousse! (Pretty obvious given the title of the post).

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