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Decluttering Life Part 1 : Belongings

Alternative title: Why the crap do I own so much stuff? 30 bras (most of which are pretty much falling apart), a mini library of books that I’ve acquired (many in genres I have NO interest in reading), CDs from bands I stopped listening to (when I realised their lyrics were drivel) and not to mention clothes with tags (yes really), DVDs (as in cheesy horror box-sets that make my eyes bleed), paperwork upon paperwork upon paperwork … What the actual?!  

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about the meaningful things in life; the need to downsize my belongings (recycle and donate whatever I can) and live within my means, the need to remove people I consider ‘toxic’ (post to follow!) and replace them with positive influences and experiences, to spend quality time with those I love and to stand up for causes I believe in.

I suppose this is all rather normal when you undergo a life changing event … But there is a difference between thinking about it and doing it.

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Educating Millie – Part 2

Alternative title: Because sometimes you have to bite your tongue real hard to stop yourself from saying “I freaking told you so!”

After much begging, pleading and bribing with tuna steak … We managed to get Millie-Mischief to pee on the magic sand (if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, you can find part 1 of this  story here). Said urine sample was then whisked away to a laboratory, which I like to envision as being as futuristic and as innovative as the ones you’d be likely to find Dr. Banner and Tony Stark having a bromance in.

The wait for the results began with an “expect our call in a few days” … And I have to say I was less nervous about my GCSE results than I was about this one! Yes, even my mathematics one … Which was a doozy of a paper I’ll have you know.

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Educating Millie – Part 1

Alternative title: Because coming home to a house that smells like cat-piss is enough to make anyone lie face down on the floor in protest … Though be sure to dab the area with paper towel first as a face full of piss just makes the whole thing so much worse.  

As I type this Millie-Mischief is undergoing re-litter training and yes, this is as fun as it sounds. You can’t turn your back for a second because as soon as you do your lovely cream carpet becomes a funny shade of yellow and you end up with 30 minutes of scrubbing the floor with disinfectant in your (not too distant) future. All the while said cat watches from a worktop with a look on her face that just screams “oh yeah bitch, I’m totally not using that plastic piece of crap full of sand!”

Oh aye … I love paying a mortgage for a cat to have an expensive toilet.

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Home Sweet Home

Alternative title: I have acquired so much tat and crap in all my years on this earth that I am standing amongst the ruins of many a textbook, items of clothing and magazines filled with bullpoop on how to lose weight with the dawning realisation that I am going to need another skip. 

I am practically on first name terms with the guys and gals at our local recycling plant, I rock up with my car filled to the brim with 1980’s newspapers and an assortment of garments I haven’t worn since I was last out of my tree on Cider and Black (ah, the drink of champions) or bladdered on red wine (which is the drink of sophisticated champions  … Who like to ride bucking broncos and drink cocktails out of bartenders trousers … I was a student ok!).

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