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Moving House

Alternative title: We have the keys! I repeat – WE HAVE THE KEYS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE! 

We also have no internet … I know right?! How archaic! So in the meantime I’m snaffling my parents internet under the pretense of needing to put 31 years worth of shit (not literal shit obviously) into cardboard boxes. Quite frankly it would be a faster process if I didn’t feel the need to read random pages of books I haven’t seen since 1993 that had been hidden away in the backs of various shelving units. I fear I own a library’s worth of literature that I now need to cart about.

I may also have had a moment (or two) in which I started hugging my Molecular Cell Biology book and crying about what might have been if I’d carried on in academia.

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House Hunting – An Update

Alternative title: As it stands I think I’ve signed for credit checks and for a mortgage in principle and for the deeds and for the rights of my first born child to be handed over to the Devil within moments of birth (good luck with that one Lucifer lad, if the sprog is owt like it’s ma it’ll be a right little bastard …). 

As I mentioned in my last house hunting post M and I had an offer accepted on a houseSince then it’s been a bit of a waiting game interspersed with paperwork. So. Much. Freaking. Paperwork!

But, I can now confirm that the only thing we’re waiting on … is the date of moving!

(Feel free to commence excited squealing here, you know you want to!).

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House Hunting

Alternative title: Why isn’t there a Tinder-like app for house hunting where you can ogle the size of the garage and cringe at the rather offensive leaky guttering while at the same time wondering where the heck they’ve been storing their lawn mower to get such a patchy garden?! Wouldn’t that make the whole process far more efficient with the swipe / tap / sticky notes with panicked scrawlings thing going on? … That said I have no idea how Tinder works and the chances are I’d end up on a random date with a bungalow in Blackpool during the hen do season (flashing of buttocks and hurking of vomit all up in the garden!). 

I’ve taken to lying on the floor … I should point out that it is in my current residence, not during one of the endless viewings we seem to be attending.

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