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Hold your breath and count to ten…

Alternative title: Sometimes life just decides to piss on our cornflakes and leave us feeling like a pawn in a rather sadistic game of chess in which you know you’re going to be toppled right off your square by the bloody tower thing…What do you mean it’s not a tower? It looks like a tower…Well now nothing makes sense*.


“Focus on your breathing”

I’m in yoga class again…

“Your mind is clear”

…In Supta Virasana (comfortably I might add! So proud of my body)…

“Focus on the space your inhale creates”

…And all I can think about, is whether or not I remembered to shave my arm pits.

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The weather outside is frightful…

Alternative title: It’s as cold as a witch’s tit here in Lancashire…This means one thing…Ladies, it’s time to grow out the leg hair!


“You can’t just stop shaving!” my friend said, horrified.

“You say that as though I’ll turn into Cousin Itt overnight”.

“Ruebi, you have to shave…”

“Says who? Besides, I promise to trim everything when it gets to the point that I can plait my pubic and leg hair together”.


“It’ll save me a fortune on razors and thermal undercrackers”.

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