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Puzzle Pieces

Alternative title : I’m sure there is a sadistic asshole who removes one of the central pieces from jigsaws in order to test the recipients patience … I mean, it’s all well and good having everything else in order but if you can’t complete it you kinda feel like you’re missing something significant, even if it is just Snoopy’s inane grin. 

If you read my last post you’ll be aware that I’ve been a little bit up shit creak without a paddle recently … My Mental Health has taken a nose dive and my Migraines have taken that opportunity to thoroughly kick my backside. There is nothing quite like being blind in your right eye at 4am while your Anxiety runs through a multitude of possible reasons for it (courtesy of Google’s Guide to Self Diagnosing) while the actual cause (the sneaky Migraine) smirks away in the darkness at the ensuing panic … Loki has nothing on those evil cretins!

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The Brain Throws a Tantrum

Alternative title: It’s after midnight and I’m still lying on the bathroom floor (this is becoming a theme it seems) … My stomach hurts, the world is spinning and my head is screaming. Painkillers haven’t touched the raging neurons and I’m seriously starting to consider removing the angry mass with a spork and dipping it in ice water. Alas I have no spork, my spork is in my desk drawer at work … Damn it spork.

For five days my brain has alternated between being a monstrous ball of pain and being a playpen for hyperactive gerbils who like to crap everywhere …  And boy do they crap everywhere!

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The Brain Blues

**Just a heads up folks – I’m talking about my Depression here … ** 

Alternative title: Brain, oh dearest brain, in the words of  War “why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? You insufferable sack of crap!” Ok so maybe they didn’t sing the last bit, but I’m pretty sure if the song was written for you my darling sponge of knowledge, then they would have bellowed that bit into every darned sentence given your current attitude problem! 

My brain is screaming, the slightest movement causing pain to coarse through every part of my head, I don’t dare move my eyes because even in the darkness it feels as though they are being burned by sunlight and my stomach wants to empty as much of it’s contents as it can. I feel the tears caressing my face but can’t risk wiping them away. My Migraines are back.

And right there by their side, is my Depression.

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The Travelling Migraineur

Alternative title: You’re somewhere over the North Sea, a child is screaming on loop, your ears are still popping as though it’s going out of fashion, some utter tool is having a rather loud (and rather personal) conversation just a row behind you and your head is experiencing the mother of all migraines…What do you do? What DO you DO?!


Do you attempt to get into the brace position, weeping uncontrollably, while fellow travellers give you perplexed stares? Do you lock yourself in the toilet cubicle, head on the wet seat (knees on the wet floor), feeling all the more nauseous for the movement of the plane and the whiff of piss? Or do you take your second (or third) dose of painkillers using the overly bitter (and by now cold) cup of tea and hide in your Superdry hoody in a vain attempt to sleep (and even vainer attempt not to hurk bile all over your shoes)?

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