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Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese

Alternative title : Because everyone has a favourite meal that just screams of home comfort right? 

For as long as I can remember my mum would cook Spaghetti Bolognese when the family needed a bit of cheering up, it was good old comfort food that got us sitting together to talk about the day and just generally to get us out of any gloomy moods we may have been carrying around from a crap-tastic day. Being the geeky kid with a love of science and arts it was safe to say I had A LOT of days like that.

Even as an adult this is my go to food for a good dose of nostalgia and a boost of the happy! Except nowadays, I don’t eat meat.

So, this is my meat-free version of my favourite home comfort food!

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Ginger Tea

Alternative title : Because sometimes a mug of hot ginger tea makes everything ok with the world. 

It’s been pointed out to me recently that I’m constantly on the go, be it Yoga classes, or Weights/Calisthenics, or Therapy sessions, or just visiting somewhere new … I seem to be unable to sit still! Once of a time I would have been content to spend time in my own company but recently my Mental Health hasn’t been easy to deal with and I’ve found myself needing more and more distractions. Which has resulted in burn out … Honestly, it’s catch-22 sometimes and a total learning curve with regards to what my body and mind need at any given moment.

So while feeling worse for wear in the midst of a lurgy bug (temperature all over the shop!) I took a few days out to just sit in front of the TV, recuperate and drink a lot of rejuvenating ginger tea.

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Turmeric Milk!

Alternative title: Yep … Turmeric … Milk. Sounds utterly delish right?

I am so ready for Weights/Calisthenics followed by Yoga tonight, I had a bit of therapy on my neck and spine (as well as cupping) last week and my therapist was very strict when it came to imposing a diet of rest, relaxation and all things kidney friendly for a few days after. While I have to admit that cuddling up in a duvet and binge watching “Californication” has been awesome (David Du-freaking-chovny!) my body and mind has been pining for the gym and the mat.

Plus, I have a new yoga mat that is just staring at me! It’s in need of a test drive.

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The Leafy One

Alternative title: #LHB_Juice_January Day 31 …  Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Apple, Super Greens and Coconut Water.

Ok folks, it’s day 31 of #LHB_Juice_January and we’re kicking the day off with “The Leafy One” … Wow, it’s the final day of my juice challenge! It’s been so much fun and I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the food I put into my body. As of next week I’m back to my old schedule – a ‘life in general’ post (anything from Mental Health to Yoga to Aerial Arts to Travel) on a Tuesday and a recipe post on a Thursday (bi-monthly) … It’s going to be odd not saying hi to you lovely lot on here daily!

So, why Chlorella for this one? I hear you ask! Well…

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