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Raspberry, Blackberry and Chia Seed Jam

Alternative title: If it looks like jam, smells like jam and tastes like jam…Then it’s jam, yeah? (Unless it’s Raspberry Liqueur by the Edinburgh Gin Distillery which strangely is the most jam like gin I’ve ever tasted! Mind is still very much blown by that). 


Recently I’ve been gifted a rather large amount of raspberries (from M’s garden…) which I’ve duly eaten until they were coming out of my ears and doctors feared I would eventually turn into one (a la Violet Beauregarde and her *ahem* unfortunate transformation into a blueberry) and while I love raspberries as much as the next person there are only so many punnets I can eat in a day.

So while mulling over the best way to cope with the raspberry overload as I traipsed down the supermarket aisle in search of Agave Syrup, I had the dawning realisation (as I passed the preserves) that I hadn’t eaten jam in an age! I seriously couldn’t remember the last time I’d had any…I know right? With Bake Off season round the corner too!

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Nutty Summery Strawberry Ice Lollies!

Alternative title: So the UK has been experiencing a heatwave recently…What the heck is up with that?! Oh wait…Hang on…I think I hear thunder. 


So the UK is actually a bit confused as to what it wants to do…During these months it usually likes to have plenty of beautiful sunshine between the hours of, say, 9am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday (oh yeah, the joke is well and truly on me there!) and then the heavens open with various treats ranging from drizzle to thunderstorms (complete with torrential downpour) to “holy balls it’s hailstone the size of my head!”

So yeah, if I’m to believe the rumours currently circulating around the office, it is actually quite a hot Summer we’re having. Then again, this is coming from people who have windows to look out of while daydreaming about skipping through fields of freshly cut grass to “The Hills are Alive“…

Lucky gits.

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Almond Nut Butter Cups

Alternative title:  (Insert joke about chocolate nuts here)…


The problem with going food shopping when you’re hungry (read as: so hungry you’ve passed the point of telling anyone who will listen just how starving you are and you are now at the stage of zoning out while imagining burgers in place of people’s heads), is that you inevitably end up in the chocolate aisle rubber necking at the peanut butter cups…

Even though you don’t like peanuts and have never tried such a concoction in your whole life.

Why is it always the bloody peanut butter cups?!

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Chocolate and Chia Seed Energy Bites

Alternative title: My sweet tooth has been throwing a right hissy fit recently to the point that the mere sight of carrot sticks makes me want to throw a major temper tantrum of my own.


“Is that chocolate?!” My brain shrieked.

“Is that chocolate?!” My sweet tooth shrieked.

“Yes it’s chocolate” I shrieked as the lid of the tub fell onto the counter-top, a light dusting of cocoa powder now covered just about every surface between my kitchen and the backside of the country. Happens every darned time!

“Get a spoon…Any spoon will do…” My brain yelled.

“Stuff the spoon, get a ladle! I don’t care if there is mushroom soup on it just get the ruddy ladle!” My sweet tooth yelled back.

I seriously need to separate those two…

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