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Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Alternative title: Dearest Raw Cacao…Where the fudge have you been all my life?!


Last Saturday I had far too much gin to drink (a rarity for me being a near teetotaller!)…I could blame Edinburgh Gin for creating an amazing beverage that tastes just like jam (no I’m not kidding you! Raspberry, fricking, jam…but gin!), or I could blame George Boyd for his amazing goal that propelled Burnley to a very important win over Man City (if you haven’t seen it…It was bloody stunning!). Whatever the reason, I woke up on Sunday morning expecting a really bad noggin…But the bad noggin didn’t happen, what did happen was an epic sweet tooth attack! I’m talking a major “I will throw an absolute hissy fit if I don’t get sugar!” sweet tooth moment.

Instead of raiding the chocolates I had bought my mum for Mother’s Day and subsequently feeling like an utter turd-bag, I decided to open the bag of raw cacao powder I had purchased after creating the chocolate and chia seed energy bites.

I then decided against just shoveling it by hand straight into my pie-hole and opted to whip up a smoothie instead.

After realising that the fruit bowl was overflowing with bananas (cue many “how the heck did we get enough bananas to feed a small town?!” questions) the idea for a chocolate-banana smoothie was born. So folks, here is the recipe for this gorgeous chocolatey mish-mash:


Chocolate Banana Smoothie - LHB Blog

Serves 1.

2 bananas (suppose if you want a thicker smoothie add more bananas or some oats!).

250ml milk (I used semi-skimmed but I’m sure you could just substitute this for unsweetened soya…Actually I would love to know what it’s like with Almond milk!).

1 tsp honey (I have a serious honey addiction going on right now…If honey isn’t your thing, there is always Agave).

2-3 tsp Raw Cacao (I’m using Bioglan Raw Organic 100% Cacao Powder…It’s the only brand I could actually find in my home-town and I am seriously impressed with it! I used 3 tsp for this but it depends on how chocolatey you want this).


Chocolate-banana smoothie ingredients

“Add to cereal, yoghurt, a smoothie or dessert”…OR PIE-HOLE!…


All you have to do is roughly slice the banana and measure out the milk, honey and cacao.


Chocolate-Banana smoothie Ingredients together

This was a surreal moment in which my brain said “not sure we have enough banana in there” … Could this be a turning point?


Throw it all in a jug and blitz! Easy, peasy (unless you’re a clumsy git like me and end up with a cacao powder cloud!)


Chocolate-banana smoothie

Look at this heaven sent piece of chocolatey-ness!


Then enjoy!

One sip of this and I was hooked, my word…It tasted like it should be really, really bad for me. It is so delicious and rich and silky. I think I am seriously converted to the ways of the Raw Cacao!

(Oh, if you want it really chilled add some ice or use frozen bananas).

So folks, do you use Raw Cacao? If so are there any brands or recipes you would rave about?

R x

PS – ‘Fortitude‘ episode 8…My.Word!


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  1. This looks like a must try! I will go on a mission to find some raw cacao powder…

    • Ruebi

      I picked mine up from Holland and Barrett…Have been told that Tesco stocks it but haven’t managed to find any in my local store.

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