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Decluttering Life Part 1 : Belongings

Alternative title: Why the crap do I own so much stuff? 30 bras (most of which are pretty much falling apart), a mini library of books that I’ve acquired (many in genres I have NO interest in reading), CDs from bands I stopped listening to (when I realised their lyrics were drivel) and not to mention clothes with tags (yes really), DVDs (as in cheesy horror box-sets that make my eyes bleed), paperwork upon paperwork upon paperwork … What the actual?!  

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about the meaningful things in life; the need to downsize my belongings (recycle and donate whatever I can) and live within my means, the need to remove people I consider ‘toxic’ (post to follow!) and replace them with positive influences and experiences, to spend quality time with those I love and to stand up for causes I believe in.

I suppose this is all rather normal when you undergo a life changing event … But there is a difference between thinking about it and doing it.

The day after I watched “Minimalism : A Documentary About The Important Things” I grabbed a couple of cardboard boxes and a mug of coffee then started to work my way through my book collection … Keeping only the ones that mean something to me or are yet to be read. The rest were placed into the boxes in neat little rows, their stories sharing a space as they traveled to the next stage of their respective journeys … I can’t bring myself to destroy books, I believe that they are made to be shared and enjoyed, a source of information, escapism and inspiration. So I donated them to our local charity shop.

I then grabbed bin liners and took to sorting through years and years of collected shoes and clothes – many of which, I’m ashamed to admit, had never been worn! They had just moved from house to house without being used as I kept telling myself that eventually there would be the perfect opportunity for said dress or boots or jeans. The opportunity never arose. So they sat in wardrobes and drawers collecting dust.

Items that could be donated found their way to the same destination the books had, items that couldn’t were taken to be recycled.

The more items I removed, the more I realised just how much consumerism plays a part in our daily lives. Adverts springing up during TV shows (‘brew breaks’), billboards cropping up wherever there is a sniff of constant traffic, magazines (’nuff said), etc etc etc … All promising a better life if only you had a certain look (cue make up, hair products, clothing items) or item of furniture or electronic item.

All promising a happier way of life.

Only to switch the goal posts when you have purchased said item.

An unattainable goal if you will.

I guess I’ve switched from seeking happiness in the form of items to seeking it in the experiences I will have (or have had) and the relationships I will form (or have already formed).


Decluttering Life Part 1 : Belongings | LHB Blog

“A room without books is like a body without a soul” – Marcus Tullius Cicero 💕 … No more new books until these have all been read and donated (pic is from my Insta).


Have any of you watched the Minimalism documentary? Did it inspire you to declutter your home/life? Can you recommend any other documentaries that are similar (as I’m currently loving documentaries)?

R x


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  1. I haven’t seen the documentary but clutter is the bane of my existence. With 3 kids under 5 I can’t seem to fight the tide.

    • Ruebi

      I’ve always been a bit of a collector of things … Books, paperwork, random bits of crap that I don’t even recognise! I’m terrible. It did feel good to declutter the place though (and I don’t miss any of the items that have been rehomed).

  2. Hi! I watched the documentary on Netflix too! I’ve been on the minimalism journey for the past year and making progress. Last year I started slowly Decluttering by room and categories – starting with areas that really bothered me. With a family of five it’s taking a little while but I definitely see progress – and most importantly my mindset has really changed! I recently watched the documentary “true Cost” about fast fashion and was very moved. I think you might enjoy it!

    • Ruebi

      Oooo I think I saw “True Cost” on Netflix, I’ll definitely have to check that out! I am loving their documentaries at the moment. And I totally get what you mean about mindset, it switches from “ooo I want that” to “do I really need that?” and I’ve taken to removing an item in order to replace it (especially when it comes to clothes). It feels so liberating to remove so many things that are no longer used or needed and just donate them.

  3. I love a good sort out and did my wardrobe last week! my house just isn’t big enough to hoard stuff (especially as my kids get bigger!) I’m going to check out that documentary!

    • Ruebi

      It’s something I’ve been putting off for absolutely ages … Think this documentary just gave me the push I needed to finally sort through everything! Think we’ve stocked the local Charity shop for the next 12 months with what we donated!

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