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Eat, Sleep, Juice, Repeat

Alternative title: Following my Body Confidence breakdown in a rather public place and my fall from decaf grace, I decided the Easter weekend would be the best opportunity to get my shit together…Or at least try to…Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you end up watching a “Hairy Bikers” marathon without really understanding why it is so addictive or why you suddenly crave Kedgeree (yes, my fish cravings have reached a whole different level of peculiar).


I faced my demons head on by standing in front of the full length mirror at home (yes in my underwear, yes with the light on, no I didn’t cover my eyes and shriek “I’m not looking!” at the four walls…much…The four walls called me a wuss in response). I still wasn’t a fan of what I saw but at least my opinion was different. I didn’t see my body as this horrible creature to be viewed with disdain and contempt, I viewed it instead as a work in progress.

Out went the junk food, caffeinated beverages and most of the chemical rich cosmetics (I re-homed the coffee, I’m not a monster! Also, can anyone suggest deodorants / shampoos that aren’t chemical laden?). In their place was fresh fruit and veg (I did keep my Easter egg though…I’ll eat it in moderation, I swear I won’t just shove it in my pie hole all at once! *ahem*), decaf tea’s (I have grown to love peppermint!) and extra virgin coconut oil (which I’m testing as a moisturiser…kooky huh?).

I ordered some books relating to Thyroid disease, Migraines and nutrition (knowledge is power and all that)…If any of you have any recommendations please leave me a comment!

I ventured out for some long walks with the pup in the fresh air…He proceeded to roll in some very unpleasant things and cover my jeans in mucky paw prints. I proceeded to act like the total grown up I am and took part in the Easter Bunny trail…Had to be done!

I even dusted off my Optimum 400 and kick-started my health resolution with a ‘Mean Green’ Juice…If you’ve seen “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” then you totally know what I’m on about. If not and you’re intrigued by the name then the recipe for this is across at ‘Reboot with Joe‘:


Mean Green

Seriously – This is the Incredible Hulk of juices. It kicks ass! (I’ve been joining in the #Juicelove on my Instagram page!)

I figure if my goal is health related then it is more sustainable than the physical appearance driven ideals that managed to break my noggin the other week. I will never be tall (at 5’2″ I should just accept the fact I have to be an amazing rock climber to reach the ‘petite’ jeans stored on high shelves…Seriously retail peeps, what the hell?), I will never have perfect skin (I have laughter lines, frown lines and acne, it ain’t happening), I’m pretty certain that the grey hair I found in my fringe the other day is not ‘just one of those things’ (more like a grey-hair zombie attack) and I’m not going to talk about cellulite/stretch marks because, well, I don’t really want to.

What I’m hoping for, is a stronger immune system / Thyroid (quite frankly this is a major factor), less migraines (they are still being ball-breakers), a stronger body (I will run that bloody marathon before I’m 40!) and a healthier outlook on things.

All these things are achievable…Right?

How did you all spend your Easter holidays?

Also, I just wanted to say thank you for all the support re: my body image wobbler, so much love! We really shouldn’t be so harsh on ourselves, or on each other.

Stay fabulous everyone!

R x

PS – I know I’m totally late with this (fashionably so?), but how freaking awesome is ‘Portlandia‘?! It’s quirky, it’s hilarious and it’s just the right amount of “wtf did I just see?”…Though I am getting some funny looks at work for saying “put a bird on it” when someone asks my advice on something. So thank you ‘Portlandia’ for making me weirder than I was before. You guys rock!


Spicy Buttery Chickpea and Split Red Lentil Soup


Roasted Pepper Soup


  1. Excellent post Little Miss Roo πŸ˜€ You have totally inspired me to kick start the healthy lifestyle regime again. I have not felt well (migraines) and have eaten rubbish for the past week and I feel terrible for it. Also, I’m trying to be less critical of myself too- I’m trying. Getting really stressed about getting my hairy arms out soon for summer :-S I think I look disgusting :-S X

    • Ruebi

      I feel like I’m back to square one! Who knew that a week of caffeine and junk food would feel more natural than the healthy eating does…I fell out with carrot sticks earlier and threatened the vending machine for not letting me have chocolate (in fairness I had no change in which to exchange for chocolate, but still).

      I’m trying to pretend that it isn’t coming up to Summer (considering we have actually had a bit of sun recently this is very difficult to do)…The idea of shorts and t-shirts just makes me cringe.

      I’m sure your arms will rock the Summer look m’dear πŸ˜€ x

  2. Girl. First of all. I get you. I used to get ocular migraines all the TIME! I have adrenal/hypothyroid stuff going on as well. I found that Natural Calm magnesium every night took them away – the magnesium relaxes muscles and keeps them from contracting. Try it if you haven’t!

    Also, on the deodorant front – I have tried them ALL. Lavanilla makes great ones, but they didn’t work super well. The one I’ve been using for a year and got all my friends hooked on is this one http://soap-of-the-earth.com/frankincense-deodorant/ it works WONDERS. the smell takes a bit of getting used to – but if you’ve smelled frankincense then you know what to expect. best of all i tried. πŸ™‚ good luck my dear!

    • Ruebi

      I’ve tried Magnesium before but it didn’t seem to help, the migraines stayed as intense and frequent as before…As you can imagine, I was gutted πŸ™ I’ve been Hypothyroid for about 3 years but sort of plodded along thinking “oh it’ll be fine if I remember to take my Thyroxine tablet”, it’s only recently that I’ve woken up to “I should be taking better care of my overall health and I should know more about my conditions”…I should have realised it a long while ago!

      Also, I love the smell of frankincense (does that make me weird?) so think I’ll have to try this deodorant out, thank you for recommending it! πŸ™‚

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