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Educating Millie – Part 1

Alternative title: Because coming home to a house that smells like cat-piss is enough to make anyone lie face down on the floor in protest … Though be sure to dab the area with paper towel first as a face full of piss just makes the whole thing so much worse.  

As I type this Millie-Mischief is undergoing re-litter training and yes, this is as fun as it sounds. You can’t turn your back for a second because as soon as you do your lovely cream carpet becomes a funny shade of yellow and you end up with 30 minutes of scrubbing the floor with disinfectant in your (not too distant) future. All the while said cat watches from a worktop with a look on her face that just screams “oh yeah bitch, I’m totally not using that plastic piece of crap full of sand!”

Oh aye … I love paying a mortgage for a cat to have an expensive toilet.

For those of you who haven’t met Millie; she’s a beautiful, talkative, lovable, playful little Snow Bengal who I love to bits (even if she does drive me round the twist at times) … She is also prone to bouts of inappropriate urination. Pissing on carpets, on worktops, on me! We’re not talking marking, we’re talking full on emptying of the bladder.

Now, before anyone shrieks “oh hey Ruebi, you moved house a few months ago, that’s totally the cause of it all” … I assure you it isn’t. Her toileting habits have been hit and miss (literally) since she was a kitten, it’s only become my problem recently what with moving in with M (her kitty step-dad).

Which leads me to think that she hasn’t been properly litter trained and after a bout of Cystitis as a kitten she came to view the world as her toilet in much the same way humans view it as their oyster … I suspect she was also taken away from her mother a bit too soon and so didn’t have the necessary interaction to know that the litter tray is actually her friend. That said … She does leave us little parcels of litter encrusted turds in the tray so she must have some vague recollection of a time when she used it.

But in the interests of informed decisions Millie has been taken to the Vets for a check up to rule out any medical reasons (such as FIC) for the behaviour, which (as I mentioned on Twitter) was very much like opening and shaking our wallets over a repeatedly flushing toilet. After spending much of the consultation talking to the back of the Vet’s head as she tapped at her computer we were ushered out of the door with a bag of non-absorbant litter with which to get a sample (after we demanded a urine test be conducted) and an “I’m telling you it’s all behavioural”.

Yep, a bag of litter to get a urine sample (both of which I’m sure are as elusive and expensive as rocking horse shit). For a cat that refuses to use the litter tray.

Needless to say that went down well. For all concerned.

Which leads me to this post … And the knowledge that I’m going to be re-litter training a very stubborn cat.



Millie Mischief is a regular on #Caturday across on my Insta.


So yeah, if any of you lovely readers have experience with litter training kittens (or adult cats!) I would love it if you could leave me some advice.

R x

PS – So far we are trying a synthetic feline pheromone in the form of a Feliway diffuser, adding small amounts of meat juices to her water (which being meat-free is proving interesting) in an attempt to get her to drink more water, a combination of dry food (over night) and wet food (at a specific time in the evening), unscented clumping litter (after trying 3 others that she wouldn’t even stand on), two litter trays in different rooms (both in locations she has pee’d before) and plenty of positive reinforcement.


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  1. Awww no! Poor little mite, hope Millie gets over this stage soon! I don’t have any tips I am afraid although a friend and fellow blogger has a cat who recently suffered with urinary problems – but of the kind he wouldn’t go to the toilet. It’s all so frustrating but I hope the hormones work, it’s just about keeping the cat calm to get through it xx Sim #weekendbloghop

    • Ruebi

      Oh no! I hope your friend’s cat is feeling better?! Millie is still having difficulties, at least we now have an answer from the vet though! It’s strange really as people have commented on how calmer she is since we moved into this new house, can only imagine how stressed she must have been before! They are such complicated creatures x

  2. Oh that sounds tough, for everyone. Worth considering what you’re using to clean up the accidents though as I know the ammonia in the usual household cleaners used to make my cats worse and encourage them away from the tray. Good luck, seriously hope you get it sorted. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    • Ruebi

      We’ve tried all sorts of different cleaners from expensive enzyme type ones to cheap brands … Nothing seems to work. Thinking it’s time to start looking at natural cleaners … Sigh x

  3. I actually knew someone with this issue, but they found out something WAS physically wrong with their particular cat,…so other than trying different litters, & making sure the littler box is cleaned on a regular basis, I unfortunately don’t have much advice to offer, but I hope you figure it out. 🙂

    • Ruebi

      We’re still working on it … We got the test results back which showed there was an issue but as it’s an infection it’s a “it may be causing it, it may not be causing it” thing. So things are still as clear as mud. She is being treated for the infection though so fingers crossed for luck!

  4. Oh god, that’s not easy at all! I don’t know else you can do but the bet sounds like a bit of a dick. Your description and analogy made me laugh! Hope she improves as she’s very gorgeous

    • Ruebi

      The vet was rather rude I have to say! I’d like to think she’d just had a bad day and we took the brunt of it …

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