Alternative title: Because sometimes you have to bite your tongue real hard to stop yourself from saying “I freaking told you so!”

After much begging, pleading and bribing with tuna steak … We managed to get Millie-Mischief to pee on the magic sand (if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, you can find part 1 of this  story here). Said urine sample was then whisked away to a laboratory, which I like to envision as being as futuristic and as innovative as the ones you’d be likely to find Dr. Banner and Tony Stark having a bromance in.

The wait for the results began with an “expect our call in a few days” … And I have to say I was less nervous about my GCSE results than I was about this one! Yes, even my mathematics one … Which was a doozy of a paper I’ll have you know.

So we waited (“it’s only been a couple of days”) … And waited (“it’s only been 3 days, we’ll give it another day”)… And waited (“ok so 5 days, they’re taking the piss … Literally”) … And eventually, after a week of waiting, we called to ask if said sample had magically vanished like a fart in the wind or if it had indeed been processed.

We were thrilled to discover that the sample in question had taken a lovely trip to the laboratory for testing … And in doing so, showed that Millie had an infection. My kitty step-daughter was back at the surgery the following morning for a shot of Convenia and some take home Meloxicam … Which she threw up on one of our new cushions, along with her evening meal, some three days later – this meant having to discontinue using it (both the cushion and the medication).

I’m not expecting the Convenia to completely halt the inappropriate urination as by now she’s probably used to emptying her bladder anywhere and she can probably smell where she has been before … Quite frankly I’d be surprised if she can’t smell it as we bloody can (still working our way through various cleaning products for the miracle “cat piss” remover). But I am hoping it clears up the infection as she’s clearly been under some stress and experiencing discomfort … If it doesn’t clear it up, the next stage of this process would be for Millie to spend a night at the surgery to undergo observation and possibly a scan to rule out kidney stones and other causes.

While we wait (yay! More waiting!) to see the effects of the Convenia we’re back to positive reinforcement, treats and a litter tray for just about every cat in a 40 mile radius strewn throughout the house.



Don’t let that cute look deceive you … The minute you go to stroke her chin she’ll be all bitey-scratchy …  (another Caturday pic for Insta).


Honestly – I am so glad we have pet insurance right now as it feels like it may be quite a journey.

R x