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Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden (#LHB_Travels)

Alternative title: When your brain is telling you that all it wants to do on a beautifully sunny day is lie in bed and pretend the day doesn’t exist … You lie and tell it you’re going out for ice cream. 

Brain: “You’re lying to me … We never go on the motorway to get ice-cream. Turn the car around and take me home right now!”

Me: “Wind your neck in, we’re going to spend a bit of time with nature”.

Brain: “Turn the damned car around this second! Don’t make me barf all up in this place!”

Me: “Would you rather we had our butt-hole bleached?!”

Brain: “Is that even a thing?! Why would you even -”

Butt: “Oh hell no! You have got to be kidding me! There is not a chance that -”

Me: “I have the beautician on speed dial … Just an FYI”

Brain: “…”

Butt: “…”

So, what the heck does butt hole bleaching entail I hear you ask? … Oh wait, that’s a topic for another day isn’t it. Dang it. We were talking Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden weren’t we?

Well, the Abbey itself was founded by monks in 1132 and is now one of the ‘largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England‘. The Abbey, along with the gardens, are now an UNESCO protected World Heritage Site and with good reason … Check out the ruins for goodness sake:



Next time I visit I promise to get photos from inside! Trust me when I say the interior just as captivating as the exterior … Especially the Cellarium!


The last few times I’ve been to this National Trust estate M and I focused on the inside of the Abbey as, quite frankly, the architecture is just breathtaking, it’s impossible not to be caught up in the history. This time though, we wanted to see more of the gardens which is unlike most other gardens I’ve seen … Which considering most gardens I’ve seen growing up were council estate based (yep, I’m a council estate baby!) the idea of a garden the size of Studley Royal has taken a while to get used to:



I always wanted weeping willows in my garden … oh, and a river … a river would be nice.



No little plastic red car with a yellow roof here … Hey, did any of you lovely lot have one of those? My brother had one that lived just beside the back door! It was awesome!


There are so many little places to find tucked away within the grounds … This is called the Temple of Fame:



The rotunda hiding within the canopy of trees



As I’ve been majorly caught by the yoga bug recently I just had to drop a quick reverse warrior in there! And yes ladies and gents, I opted for short-shorts!


This one is the Octagon Tower:



How gorgeously gothic is this?!


And this one is called the Temple of Piety :



I wanted to roll down the grassy hill but M seemed to think I’d just end up in the water … spoil sport


Which also houses a folly called “The Pineal Eye”! :



The eye itself shows intertwined statues …


Speaking of statues …



No fig leaves here!


Even the trip to find coffee was pretty awesome:



After so much nature who doesn’t need a coffee right?!



Just to the left of the photo is a waterfall … Was pretty peaceful crossing the bridge and listening to it.


So there you have it folks – Fountains Abbey and Studley Water Garden … A heck of a lot more exciting (and probably a lot cheaper) than a butt hole bleaching session. And, believe it or not, the estate has more to offer in the way of a deer park! Unfortunately we ran out of time to see this but it’s definitely on my list for next time!

If you want to keep up with my travels away from the blog then you can do across at my Instagram page! Why not grab a cuppa, drop by and say hi!

R x

PS – If you want to learn more about Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden  you can by nipping to their website for a nosy! Or, even better, go and see for yourselves if you are ever in North Yorkshire (ticket prices are on the website) … I highly recommend the chocolate brownie when you stop for coffee and a snack! (Though I was torn between the brownie and the shortbread).

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a few episodes of “Californication” (this girl is all about the Duchovny right now!) to get through before I create some serious positive vibes at tonight’s Calisthenics/Weights session and Yoga class!


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  1. ‘Hopping over from the POCOLO party… What stunning photos! I am so glad you tricked your brain (and butt) into going! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. The rotunda looks SOOOO PRETTY!!!

  3. This place is so pretty! I guess it was worth the fight with your brain. I go thru the same thing a lot of times. I want to go out but feel totally exhausted. I do not think a lot about it and just go. If I think a lot about it, I will stay in bed all day.

    • Ruebi

      I totally understand that feeling … There are some days when I just want to stay in bed, just pull the duvet over my head and forget that everything else outside of it exists. I can’t always talk my brain into going somewhere as a distraction … Those days when I don’t want to even fight about it. I just want to accept it. Actually those are the days I tend to accept it.

      I hope you’re doing ok Ruth x

  4. What a wonderful place! I love all your photos. I would take loads of shots, too! So glad your butt and brain didn’t get their way today 🙂

  5. Some beautiful scenes – I love all the green!

  6. Such elegance! I need to pin something from here to my UK Bucket List Board! #pocolo

  7. What gorgeous photo’s! I grew up just a few miles away from Ripon and have been for many a romp around Fountains and Studley. It’s lovely to see it through someone else’s eyes though. Next time, walk the bridges in the deer park as its lovely and a great place for a picnic.
    Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare

    • Ruebi

      Oooo a picnic sounds a great idea! Each time we go we say we’ll go to the deer park and always run out of time … Next time I’m going to head there first! It is such a beautiful place and while I wish we lived closer, it isn’t that far of a drive for us in the grand scheme of things.

  8. Looks a great place – and a much better option than the other choice, and not the ice cream one! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

    • Ruebi

      I do absolutely love it there … I wish we lived closer but hey ho! We have so many other places to explore that are nearby so this was an utter treat.

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