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Geirangerfjord, Norway (#LHB_Travels)

Alternative title: Ruebi and M’s adventures in Norway Part 3: Hellesylt, GeirangerFjord and Geiranger. Or perhaps a more apt title would be: I really, really hate ferries (and boats in general actually)…


Ferries *cringe* …I haven’t been a fan of ferries ever since I was very ill on one during a school trip…Let’s just say that motion sickness and Quavers are not a good combination. Oh man, the horror! So you can imagine my reaction when the other half proudly explained that he had planned an excursion in which we would see Geirangerfjord from the “comfort” of a sightseeing boat…

No amount of “but it’s the jewel of the Norwegian Fjords” was going to convince me that I would enjoy this trip…I envisioned me hurling my stomach lining over the edge of the boat much to the amusement of strangers (ooo the nostalgia of it all).

But determined not to be a total wuss…I packed my handbag full of ginger sweets (to ease the tum) and resolved to sit beside the lifeboat (as apparently I’m not allowed to actually sit in it unless there is an emergency)…

Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO protected Fjord in the Møre og Romsdal county approximately 100 km from Ålesund, so we had to take a coach (and a surprise mini-ferry trip *grumble*) from the bus terminal to Hellesylt to then board the sightseeing boat. Hellesylt is a captivating place in itself, it is a small village (and old Viking port!).

With it’s own waterfall:


Hellesylt Waterfall

I thought living in a place with a canal was kinda cool…(That said, our canal is full of shopping trollies and bin liners)


Interesting buildings (yes, that is a sign for the Sherlock Holmes pub):


Sherlock Holmes pub

There was no one in when we arrived otherwise we’d have nipped in for a gin or two!


And quirky little coffee places:


Hellesylt Coffee Shop

Anyone else think this has an American diner look to it?


It’s very quiet, a little eerie but incredibly fascinating. However, Hellesylt is located near to Mount Åkerneset…The mountain is said to be eroding at an incredible pace and will eventually collapse into Sunnylvsfjord, causing a tsunami that will devastate local towns (Hellesylt and Geiranger included). I feel a little humbled for being able to visit these places.

Geirangerfjord is 9.3 miles worth of incredible natural beauty, from the green-blue water, to the mountains, to the waterfalls (most notably the Seven Sisters or De Syv SøstreneThe Suitor and The Bridal Veil). It was pretty darned cold on the boat (so wrap up warm if you’re planning this trip) and I ended up losing feeling in my fingers due to taking too many photographs (not good when you’re Hypothyroid – I know, I should have packed gloves!)…So much so M had to sneak away and grab me a coffee (isn’t he a sweetheart?).



It was breathtaking…



…And a little scary…



All at the same time!


At the end of the Fjord is the village of Geiranger with it’s waterfall hiking trail and amazing scenery:


Waterfalls Trail 1

Waterfalls are actually a lot louder than you expect them to be…


Waterfalls Trail 3

How tiny do those caravans look!


Shops, cafes and restaurants:


Geiranger 3

This is what greeted us from the sightseeing boat…Land! Sweet, sweet land!


Geiranger 4

This guy looked thrilled by the tourists taking photos!


A building I fell for in an instant and wanted as my home:


My dream house

I have my bags packed ready to move!!!


And if you’re visiting Geiranger and are interested to know more about the region then the Norsk Fjordsenter is worth a nosy…


Fjord Centre 2

I wanted to nap on those benches…So comfy!


Fjord Centre 1

How awesome are these chairs?! And that ladder!!!


En route back, as the coach headed towards Eidsdal we took the Ørnevegen (“Eagle Road” – the steepest road up the mountain) to the viewpoint…And what a viewpoint! Seriously, check this out:



This screen was so cool, loved the effect it gave to the photo…Just realised – accidental selfie! (Kinda!)



It was pretty awesome (and misty) view…



As you can see, the main part of the viewpoint was quite popular! (Everyone wanted a photo from that corner!)


We took one final ferry from Eidsdal to Linge (in which I had the unpleasant experience of navigating my way to the bathroom as my brain convinced me that we’d consumed 14 pints of cider…Motion sickness bleh!), the rest of the journey to Ålesund was by coach (in which I dozed happy dreams about waffles).

For someone who hates boats I think I did rather well!

How do you folks deal with motion sickness? Any tips or advice? (As no doubt I’ll end up back on a boat at some point!). Also, do any of you find coaches easier to deal with than boats? (I slept during most of the coach trips so wasn’t as bad as I could have been).

R & M x

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  1. I love those chairs too, although I think I’d need to live in a log cabin not a 1960s house for them to look right! I’m a fellow sea (and car, bus) sick traveller but haven’t really found anything that works. I remember trying to suck ginger on a boat trip before and feeling so rough that it totally turned me off of ginger. I think the only thing that makes things a little better is fresh air and staring at the horizon. #pocolo

    • Ruebi

      I love the idea of staying in a log cabin (can you believe I’ve never done that?! Sigh)…

      And I’m not sure if the ginger sweets actually do anything for me aside from act as a bit of a placebo, something to occupy my mind maybe?

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