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Grab a cuppa – it’s time for a catch up

Alternative title: As we head into the start of the Euro’s Ruebi and M are still without Internet … They are starting to believe they will never again experience the wonders of Netflix, of Youtube and of FML. They are also starting to believe that watching the cat take a crap is far more exciting than the various soap dramas that bombard their senses from “normal” TV channels. Seriously, less sex takes place in brothels than it does in those programmes.

As the lack of internet is cramping my social media style I thought I’d give you an update as to what the heck has been happening when I haven’t been crying face down on the floor because I totally have no idea what’s going down in “Pretty Little Liars” … In fact, I haven’t even started watching it yet, I just know all the characters quite intimately from all the conversations my work colleagues have been having about who is bumping uglies with whom and who is a “total bitch”.

They don’t seem to have a “spoiler” filter at that place!

Moving house has allowed me the freedom to make a few much needed changes … The main ones are that I’ve decided to stop eating red meat (yes that includes bacon, yes I can survive without it … Yes I nearly cried when I caught a whiff of one of those butties earlier in the week) and that I’ve dropped Aerial Arts to focus on Yoga (my Hatha instructor and I have been discussing the possibility of me applying for teacher training … How exciting right?).

Speaking of Yoga I’ve added a new Ashtanga class to my schedule to compliment my Hatha study (it comes with an adjustment class to ensure correct posture)! It is far more strenuous than I initially thought it would be but my word, it is amazing. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a whole different world of focus and control. Stances that I had mastered in Hatha suddenly had an extra aspect in Ashtanga, breathing techniques I was accustomed to didn’t cross over so new techniques were introduced. I am excited by this new style as it will add further depth to my current knowledge … It also makes me hungry to learn more. Not just about Hatha and Ashtanga but about all the various other types of yoga.


Yoga view

The view from my Ashtanga class … Meditating to rain fall! (Pic is from my Insta, if you want to drop by and say hi!)


Exercise wise – my name is also down for the local running club’s “couch to 5K” … Actually I need to check in with them to make sure everything is a-ok for me to join in tomorrow! So I’m finally dusting off my running shoes, I am nervous as hell about this as I haven’t been running in such a long time that legging it to the local shop makes me want to hurl so goodness knows how I’ll fare with it! If a video on Instagram goes viral involving a lass being dragged around a running course by the back of her jogging pants while her Spongebob undies peak over the waistband then it is probably me. Actually, it will certainly be me. No doubt my Fitbit will hate me when it finds out how piss poor my running skills are … That said, we all have to start somewhere right?

As I mentioned I have decided to stop eating red meat, what I didn’t mention is that I have increased my intake of fresh fruits and veggies, I am down to 2-3 coffees a day, the tea I drink is decaf (and if I’m not drinking tea I’m on water) … We also don’t keep any biscuits, chocolates or cakes in the house because when I am bored I will eat a full packet of custard creams, it removes the temptation to eat due to boredom. Anyway, send me some meat-free lunch recipes! At the moment I’m stuffing my mush with hummus-veggie wraps during my breaks at work (I love these wraps so much! They are so delicious) but feel in need of some recipes that will make my colleagues go “dude, gimme!”

I’m also learning what it is to be a full time step-momma to my kitty step-daughter; if you own a Bengal you will know that they are incredibly vocal! I find it slightly strange to be going for a wee with her shrieking from the other side of the bathroom door  … I find it even stranger that she feels the need to rub her head all over my hair after I’ve taken a shower (yes I’ve had claws in my ears and up my nose when she’s lost her balance). She’s a peculiar little fuzzball!

On a more serious note I’ve been tackling my OCD with a series of experiments designed to break the ritual of physically and mentally checking … I can say, in all honesty, that some days are better than others and that when bad days happen its best not to dwell on them. Breaking the intrusive thoughts is not something that will happen overnight, breaking a ritual that you have done since you were little is definitely not going to happen overnight … But, there are improvements and those improvements are liberating!

Anyway – fill me in on what has been happening with you all? What have you all been up to? Got any Summer plans?

R x

PS – We’re on the countdown for internet installation! 9 days and counting! I can’t wait … I am seriously missing you lovely lot and can’t wait to check in with you all! Hopefully this will make it easier when it comes to updating the blog on a regular basis (I’ve even been considering increasing the number of posts that publish per week … Though maybe give me feedback on that. Would you like to have an extra dose of bloggy goodness?).

Also – have any of you taken part in any Euro sweepstakes? I have Austria, Spain and Romania at work! One of them has gotta be a winner haven’t they?


Home Sweet Home


Hello World!


  1. Your Kitten sounds adorable, here’s hoping she features again…
    Good Luck with the running you are a braver girl than me. Being Bacon-Free is soo difficult, the smell still gets me years later. I need to start to do Yoga properly, but it’s like a whole new language for the positions and I want to learn French properly, my brain couldn’t cope with both at the moment!

    • Ruebi

      Millie (the Bengal) is a total mischief maker! She’s learned how to open cupboards, she’s constantly annoying my gecko (Mika), think every plant in the house has been nibbled and yet, she’s a lovable little creature. Definitely wouldn’t change her!

      And I totally get the bacon-free thing! My colleagues have bacon butty Friday and I was totally crying into my overnight oats!

  2. Wow. What a load of new things all at once! Number 1, I love Bengals! Does your new step kitten like the shower? My friend’s used to jump in every morning! C25k is really good- I did it once and if I can do it, anyone can. I hate. Hate. Hate running with a passion but I got up to 3 miles before I got ill. Well done with giving up red meat. I’m mentally preparing myself to give up all meat. I’m half way there but find eating out so hard.

    • Ruebi

      I don’t do things by halves! Lmao 😀 Between Migraines and Anxiety I’ve missed a couple of group runs but aiming to be back at it this week! Have to say, I’m not a huge fan of running either…It’s a bit like Marmite. Love it or hate it. Thought it would be a good exercise to compliment the yoga, I guess we’ll see 🙂

      I thought I’d start with red meat and then work up to all meat … Eep! It’s not been too bad as since the house move the only place we’ve been out to eat has been Five Guys (they do a great veggie sandwich btw), but can imagine it is quite difficult 🙁

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