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Hello … It’s me

Alternative title: It’s a very Wintery day in Lancashire today, my fingers are numb (as I’ve lost my gloves … Actually the Borrowers probably have them … robbing gits), the pup is rolling in something that is a decidedly worrying shade of yellowy-brown, and I’m belting (screeching) out a version of Adele’s “Hello” much to the dismay of the other dog walkers … Well, it’s not a ballad without some oomph behind it is it?! 

Maybe it was my amazing singing (caterwauling), maybe it was the shaking of my ass as I swaggered to the tune or maybe my higher dose meds have finally kicked in … Whatever it was, today has been a good day. Even the bellows of “why won’t she stop singing?!” and “my ears! Oh God my ears!” weren’t enough to burst my happy bubble …

They were just jealous of my talented voice … Obviously!

I trudged through the mud, slipped as I kicked leaves, embraced the bitingly cold air and pondered on the bareness of the trees.

I considered the important things in life, such as: how can I make my life more fulfilling? A change of career? A volunteering opportunity? Am I finding daily meditation helpful? What the heck has the pup just eaten? Am I still judging myself too harshly? And if you fart when it’s really cold – can you see it?

Self-reflective moments like this strike me pretty frequently … Although usually it’s when I’m in the office drowning in a sea of paperwork and trying to locate a shredder – which generally means my questions are more like: “please tell me I was not stupid enough to spill my coffee all over that report?” or “and I thought doing this was a good idea WHY?” or “why didn’t I just accept that tattoo artist apprenticeship when I was 17?!” (have to say, I still wonder about whether I would have been the Kat Von D of Lancashire by now … I wussed out of the opportunity and took a Saturday job at Woolworths instead – if you learn anything from this blog post peeps, it’s go with what will make you happy and do not be swayed by pick and mix).

Ah, pick and mix – you still give me nightmares.

But as I traipsed on the path between the trees I realised that a lot has already changed since my initial diagnosis … And that there are still a lot of changes yet to come. While I’m having a good day I’m feeling quite philosophical, I’m curious as to what is coming next, the person I’m becoming, where my life is leading … No doubt when Anxiety takes the helm again I’ll be curled up in a ball under my duvet overwhelmed with it all but today I understand that these changes need to happen.

Today I’m accepting that they will happen.

Today I’m accepting that the changes probably won’t be easy.

Today I’m also accepting that I’m about to have an epic battle with the pup who has rolled in so much mud and poop (because smelling like butt is totally something that all dog’s clearly love) that bath time is calling …



‘And there, in the distance, you can hear the call of the incredibly rare Ruebi-Roo and she’s in fine form today’ … “Hello from the outside! At least I can say that I’ve tried!” … (Pic is from my Instagram btw, you so know you want to have a nosy).


Are you folks prepped ready for the Christmas season? Or are you ignoring the impending festivities until December rears it’s head?

R x

PS – In case you haven’t guessed … I absolutely adore Adele!


Trying to take control


Call me Q …


  1. You never fail to make me laugh my laugh 🙂 I’m so glad your feeling a bit better at the moment, enjoy your Adel! The it where you hide under the duvet, I call them blanket forts designed to protect me from the sucky stuff until I’m prepared to face the world again 🙂 ups and downs are okay, they are all part of our journey xx

    • Ruebi

      Ahhhh a blanket fort! Now THAT sounds like the perfect place to hide in when things get really bleh … I’d create a password for mine so no one can get in without the right answer. Could you imagine my boss’s face when she not only finds me building an awesome place to hide under my desk (with a duvet that I’ll sneak past security) but also realises she doesn’t have the password to get in! x

  2. I love the fact you pondered whether or not farts are visible in cold weather haha 🙂 Sounds like a really positive day! Good luck with finding your dreams. I so miss Woolies pick n mix lol! #weekendblogshare

    • Ruebi

      Hi Debbie!

      I’m still perplexed by the “are farts visible” question … I mean, you can’t even be sneaky with a silent one if people can see it?! The horror of it all!

      R x

  3. You made me smile and I agree with the bit about following your heart and smelly puppies!

    • Ruebi

      In fairness the smelly puppy does make me smile … Even when he’s sulking over the fact he no longer smells of whatever he’s rolled in and now has an odour akin to roses on a summers morning. He just doesn’t appreciate flowers.

  4. I’ve not read your blog before but I gigged through this post. I like Nicola’s comment about blanket forts too. Sounds like a plan.

    • Ruebi

      Hi Mini Travellers (love the name!)

      I’m glad the post made you giggle … And yes, Nicola’s comment about the blanket fort is a genius idea! We all need those forts from time to time 🙂

      R x

  5. This is a superbly written post – and I can associate with some of your feelings here. I do go through an element change as Christmas approaches but I am really feeling it this year. LOVE that you sing out loud when dog walking 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    • Ruebi

      It’s a shame not everyone shares your love of my singing 🙂

      And yes, this time of year can be quite horrible at times for us ((hugs))Be kind to yourself! x

  6. I found myself laughing at this as I could picture you and the pup. Been there myself…..usually has something to do with mine finding fox muck though….hmmm that distinctive smell!! Keep on singing. It gets me through most things. I am completely tone deaf but that’s what makes it even funnier when I sing, because I totally don’t care 🙂 #PoCoLo

    • Ruebi

      Eeee we could do a duet! (I’m completely tone deaf too)…*gasp* it could be the Christmas No 1!

      Also, what is it with pups always finding the most disgusting thing known to creation to roll in? He does it every time! 😀

  7. You had me at “Hello… It’s Me” That song is so ingrained in my head by now… So glad you didn’t let anyone burst your bubble. What a lovely post. Ready for Christmas? Well… I plan on dragging out the Christmas decor fairly soon.

    • Ruebi

      We put our tree up at the weekend … Well, I say we put the tree up, it’s kinda lopsided as either the tree is too tall or the ceiling is too low. I’m going with the ceiling being too low. So if we attempt to bob a fairy on the top she’ll be dangling upside down for the festive season … Never a good look!

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