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Hello Migraine, hello bathroom floor!

Alternative title: I’m currently lying on the bathroom floor…Grateful that it is still dark enough that my eyes don’t feel like they’ve been dunked in a concoction of acid and pins (and that I couldn’t see any dust- nay pubes – that may be lying on the floor with me), grateful that the toilet is within hurking distance (as my head has been in that bowl for the last two hours or so), grateful that, for the moment, the tears have stopped. My right temple is squashed against the ground, the cold tiles are acting as one giant ice pack. Everything hurts. I’m dizzy. I just want to sleep…


This Migraine party started at 2am with the utter git smashing something heavy against the back of my head (my brain probably), nausea had flared instantly with the premonition of vomiting over my bedside table following closely behind, I stumbled through the dark (ricocheting my little toe off a door frame as I went), my balance totally shot, my legs gave in and I dropped to the bathroom floor, engulfed in the nightmare.

Medication was not an option as anything I had eaten (in what felt like the last ten years) had been dredged from my stomach leaving me with a lovely mix of dry heaves and occasional bile…Even water seemed like the enemy.

My body shivered against the tiles, rattling my neurons, my brain winced something incoherent. I didn’t dare move, even if to reach for a towel with which to keep warm. I wanted to stay as still as possible.

“Just breathe” I murmured to myself.

*some garbled nonsense* in response from my noggin.

“We just need to breathe” I was trying to reassure myself that it would pass, that despite the agonising pain that made me want to take an ice-cream scoop to the squishy sponge harbouring the Migraine, the pain would eventually pass.


Bathroom Floor

This lovely spot, right here, is where I was crashed out…We have great taste in floor tiles don’t we?


But you see…When a Migraine is in full force, it doesn’t feel like it will pass. It feels as though you will be stuck in that realm of hell until you take your final breath, the excruciating feeling of your brain exploding within your skull leaving a ringing in your ears.

So you lie there, trying to sleep, hoping to sleep.

On the bathroom floor.

How many of my fellow Migraineurs have found themselves crashed out on the bathroom floor when their brains are throwing tantrums?

R x

PS – As Migraine Action has been advocating – Migraine is #notjustaheadache … It is a chronic neurological disease with various symptoms and stages each posing their own problems. It is devastating, it is debilitating, it is misunderstood, it is under-researched, it is under-funded. It is NOT “just a headache”!


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  1. Oh God, I’m sorry Ruebi, sounds hell! You poor thing 🙁 Sending gentle hugs x

  2. Oh, and yes… great taste in tiles, their gorgeous 🙂 x

    • Ruebi

      And I’m glad you like the tiles…Wish there was underfloor heating though! 😀 x

  3. Ruebi Roo I feel your pain quite literally and know what it feels like to think it will never end GRRRR Migraines are the pitts. Misunderstood pitts! Much love XXX

    • Ruebi

      Migraines are definitely the pitts…It’s absolutely horrible waiting for the pain to pass, knowing there is nothing you can do to make it any easier. There wasn’t an identifiable trigger for this one, it just woke me up and then floored me 🙁

      ((hugs and love)) x

  4. I have been there on the bathroom floor suffering with a migraine before….In-between being sick I went and got my duvet and pillow and made myself comfy! They are the worst things ever x

    • Ruebi

      They are! I made a joke to my folks that I’m going to install a cabinet in the bathroom “In Case of Migraine”…basically painkillers, a blanket, a pillow and a bottle of water x

  5. Oh gosh this sounds awful. Love your floor tiles though they are gorgeous! I am lucky enough to not have had any migraines so far but I know so many people who do and have seen how debilitating they can be. Xx #PocoLo

    • Ruebi

      I generally warn those around me (if I get aura, in this case I must have bypassed that stage) so they know I’ll probably be quite unwell quite soon…My family/other half know that in such situations I’m going to need a quiet darkened room, painkillers, water and sleep. While I hate migraines for what they do to me, I hate them even more for the effect it has on those around me x

  6. I had migraine years ago when I am working in a stressful job. It would just randomly hit me. I have to hold on to the table until the pain subsides and not even the strongest over the counter pain killer would work. I consulted the doctor and their pain killer can only do so much. I then started doing boxing and going to the gym. It got lesser and lesser until it went away. I think it different with every person on what would work or if it will ever go away. In any way I know how you feel and I know the pain. I hope that you can get better soon and yes your tiles are awesome. #pocolo

    • Ruebi

      It’s a strange thing – I’ve done a spinning class while experiencing aura and walked out of the class with the aura gone (and no migraine!)…But I’ve been to yoga class (no headstands) with aura and left with my brain plummeting into a full on tantrum. Exercise for me, it seems, has a mixed effect. I’m thrilled that boxing and going to the gym helped you – do you think it was because it was helping to alleviate the work stress?

      (PS – I’m glad you like my tiles!)

  7. Just met you on the UK Bloggers twitter chat 🙂
    This post is amazingly accurate of what we migraine sufferes go through and I have had that feeling many times. I am fortunate enough to have not suffered an attack for a few Months now but used to loose three days at a time with them. I feel for you. My Blog also has talk of my illness and I worry I base too much on it but on reading this post it is so good to find someone that understands some of the pain I go through. I will write my posts with not so many worries after reading yours now. Thank you. xx

    • Ruebi

      Initially I was concerned about over-sharing with regards to Migraine too, but by writing the posts fellow Migraineurs have dropped by to say they understand what I’m going through – which has made me feel less alone about it all! It’s such a powerful thing (especially as I only know one other Migraineur IRL). While my blog isn’t solely a Migraine blog, they do affect my life enough that I couldn’t keep a personal blog without discussing them…And I figure by doing so it raises awareness of the illness. Which can only be a good thing right? 🙂 x

  8. I am so sorry – I’ve had migraines before and they are like a truck running over you and then backing up to run you over again and again. My heart goes out to you. Get better soon.

    • Ruebi

      That is a very good way of describing them Rebecca…I think I’ll have to start using that when people ask me what it’s like! 🙂

  9. Been there, done that. Since the age of 9. Sorry you had such a bad one. And yes, your floor tile is pretty. Especially so because we are getting ready to retile and I have my eye on every possibility.

    • Ruebi

      It was great as a ice pack I have to admit! 🙂 … And I’m sorry you get them too, Migraines are horrible things!

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