Alternative title: I need to pay more bloody attention when making more than one soup at a time otherwise everything gets tipped into the pan and I wonder why the hell there are red bits floating in a supposedly chilli-free soup.


“Did I tip chilli and ginger in this?” I ask, glaring at the red in the pan.

“You fricking idiot…” my brain answers.

“I know, I know…Damn it!” my attention had been on the butternut squash recipe.

“It’s a good job you’re not a scientist or you’d be a danger to mankind…” my brain is tutting at me now.

“You do realise that Alexander Fleming only discovered Penicillin by accident right?” I argue.

“He was a scruffy git who didn’t bother to clean his laboratory – That’s how he discovered Penicillin”

1-0 brain…1-0.

While waiting for the butternut squash to cook I opted to use the remainder of the ingredients I’d bought for the butternut squash soup in another recipe, as I had spuds (that hadn’t gotten to the point of growing legs and making a run for it) I decided leek and potato would be perfect…

Or so I thought.

I figured I would throw everything in a pan with some stock, boil it, blitz it, done. As it happens I picked up the bowl containing the veggies for the other recipe and lobbed that into the pan instead. Sigh. Moron. As it happens though the new combination worked rather well (even the human guinea pigs liked it which is a major surprise!)…So folks, here is the recipe for Leek and Potato soup with Chilli and Ginger:

Serves 3-4

1 tbsp olive oil

1 x medium onion

400g potatoes (add more if you like a thicker soup…or less for a thinner one I guess)

2 x medium leeks

1 x chilli (in this case it was red)

1 x thumb sized amount of ginger 

1 x  clove of garlic

2 pints of vegetable stock


L&P Ingredients

Flipping chilli and ginger photobombed my pic! Argh!

Heat the oil in a pan…

Leek and chilli

This is when I should have noticed that I had the wrong bowl going on…Instead of chopping leek #2 and throwing it on top!

Add the veggies to the oil and cook until they start to soften (I did this over a medium heat so I didn’t burn the garlic. It took around 5 minutes)…

Boil it up!

I must have been having a total head up backside moment…

Add the stock and bring to the boil.

Once it has done this reduce the heat and simmer on a low heat until the veggies have fully softened (squish a potato to find out if they’re done).

Then blend (though be careful…Getting soup in the eye is pretty horrid!).

Leek and Potato Soup with Chilli and Ginger

Instead this is when I noticed I’d put the extra ingredients in…D’uh.

Enjoy with crusty bread or (in my case) some oat cakes!

So folks, what are your favourite comfort soups?

R x

PS – Who’s looking forward to ‘Fortitude‘ episode 3?!