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Menstrual Cup – Mooncup

Alternative title : Yes I’m talking about periods, no I won’t apologise for that, yes I’m also still bingeing on “American Horror Story” and stuffing my face with custard creams, no I won’t apologise for that either. I regret nothing! Now, be a love and pass me a coffee … These creams aren’t going to dunk themselves you know.

After getting fed up with the discomfort of wearing tampons for yet another kick in the flapjack week from Mother Nature, I decided to invest in a Mooncup and “own my period” … Or at least, I would have totally owned it had I not dropped the thing in the toilet during my first ‘removal’ in the work place. I’m telling you it looked like an 80’s slasher movie in that cubicle! And I won’t gross you out with the “should I? Shouldn’t I?” dilemma I then faced when having to retrieve it*. My day in a nutshell really –  a total bloody disaster!

Aside from that mishap (which was entirely my own fault, I was totally migrainey and am surprised I didn’t bop myself in the face with it to be honest with you), the Mooncup (or in this case, Mooncup take 2!) has been a god-send!

Why did I try a Menstrual Cup I hear you ask? (If you’ve gotten this far in the post then you must be curious!). Well, aside from Tampons being uncomfortable and drying for me I’ve also been concerned about possible links to chemicals, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), the effect on the environment and … My purse (which since buying a house is nearly always empty).

Now a Mooncup is made of medical-grade silicone which is actually really comfortable and is free from various nasties such as BPA, bleaches, dyes, etc. Also it collects menstrual blood rather than absorbs it which means no dry feeling, and if you’re interested (which I have to admit I was) you can check out how much blood you lose during menstruation as it’s got a measurement marker on there (yes, I had a “holy shit, how much?” moment the first time).

I found inserting it relatively easy (it sits lower in the body than a tampon does) but a bit fiddly to begin with when it came to removing it (as you have to pinch the bottom of the cup to release the suction … And not somehow manage to drop it into the toilet!) … I’ve had two periods since this and it’s gotten a lot easier to remove (no more slasher movie moments).

What I’ve noticed most is how comfortable it is to simply wear! Yoga, weight lifting, whatever … I can’t feel it! I’m no longer worried about bleed through (yep, once ruined a pair of yellow jeans with that … Though it was probably a blessing, they were a horrid shade of yellow!). And, most of all, how in tune I actually feel with my body!



Yup … My actual Mooncup! The stem on these can actually be cut to make for a more comfortable wear (recommend!). Also, how jazzy is my new bedding!


So, lovely lady readers – would you ever consider binning tampons and pads in favour of a Menstrual Cup? Have any of you tried one?

R x

*PS – I’ve spoken to a lovely lady at Mooncup and if you drop it (be it floor or toilet) sterilise it with boiling water and sterilising solution BUT if you don’t know what cleaning products are used (as certain chemicals and/or bleaches can damage the silicone) or how clean the loo is it is probably best to buy a new one. As I work with a phantom poo-er and have no idea how often the toilets are cleaned (or what cleaning products are used) I opted to just replace the one that had taken a swim in the work bog (honestly, I have something for 5 minutes!).


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  1. 1. What is a phantom poo-er?

    2. I want to try, but I am unsure about the insertion/removal process. Is it hard to figure out? And you swear it doesn’t leak?

    • Ruebi

      Well …

      1. There is someone who poops at work, like clockwork, every day … And leaves the cubicle in quite a mess (wouldn’t bother me if she’d just flush!). Yet we work in an open plan office and we still have no idea who it is.

      2. Honestly, I found the process a bit faffy at first (I did with tampons too) … But you get decent instructions with the menstrual cup (as you get with tampons), you can find the instructions online and there’s peeps that you can contact that ‘troubleshoot’ any issues (like dropping the cup in the toilet). And so far I haven’t experienced any leaking, which I think is because it creates a suction … I’m not sure if others have experienced it though.

  2. Ahhh! Super interesting. Have read loads about this erm…device. Still undecided but certainly a good read. Thanks!

    • Ruebi

      Oh I totally get that … The first time I looked at it I was all “what the heck am I doing?!” 😀

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