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Moving House

Alternative title: We have the keys! I repeat – WE HAVE THE KEYS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE! 

We also have no internet … I know right?! How archaic! So in the meantime I’m snaffling my parents internet under the pretense of needing to put 31 years worth of shit (not literal shit obviously) into cardboard boxes. Quite frankly it would be a faster process if I didn’t feel the need to read random pages of books I haven’t seen since 1993 that had been hidden away in the backs of various shelving units. I fear I own a library’s worth of literature that I now need to cart about.

I may also have had a moment (or two) in which I started hugging my Molecular Cell Biology book and crying about what might have been if I’d carried on in academia.

While the actual process of moving house is exciting, what thrills me far more is the fact that it is the perfect opportunity for personal growth. Packing of boxes means I can throw away or donate or recycle things I no longer need or have no room for, it’s both cathartic and cleansing. We accumulate so many things over the years that just take up space without reason, just sitting on shelves collecting dust like memories lost to time.

I do have to admit that my Anxiety has flared (a lot) during this process … I’ll start shredding papers and my brain will go into overdrive about suddenly needing that bit of paper that is now in ribbons even though said piece of paper is probably a 6 year old receipt from a restaurant that no longer exists.

We also have a garden (an actual GARDEN! There’s grass and weeds and stuff) which means that I get a chance to channel my inner Charlie Dimmock  and plant some fruits and veggies and flowery crap (I’m bra-less now just writing about it!). I’ve even bought a bee house! A BEE HOUSE! Hoping for some happy bumble bees to help me create a fabulous little green area which I can play (or meditate) in!



I freaking love these light shades from IKEA … They remind me of angry clouds ready to burst with rain … (Pic is from my Instagram – in case you want to keep up with my adventures away from here)


Anyway, I have boxes to move and plans to make – leave a message after the beep and I will get back to you when I can! *BEEP*

R x

PS – I need some music to move to, currently I have Fall Out Boy – Centuries and Placebo – Wouldn’t it be Good on repeat (I may also be obsessing over this Season 2 promo for Wayward Pines … Obviously if you haven’t seen Season 1 don’t watch the promo! Major spoilers)  … Ok so I’m procrastinating a little bit – Recommend some motivational tunes folks!


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Home Sweet Home


  1. Nostalgia, A wonderful, time consuming thing, where whole days can disappear whilst you pack for a move. I hope that your move went smoothly and you found the great tunes along the way. Anxiety about shredding, yes I feel your pain. Think of it like this though, the print has probably worn off half those receipts by now, it does you know. 🙂 Ooh a Bee House, When they move in, show us yer Bees!

  2. Surrounded by boxes after recently moving, I understand. I can’t find anything.

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