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Nutty Summery Strawberry Ice Lollies!

Alternative title: So the UK has been experiencing a heatwave recently…What the heck is up with that?! Oh wait…Hang on…I think I hear thunder. 


So the UK is actually a bit confused as to what it wants to do…During these months it usually likes to have plenty of beautiful sunshine between the hours of, say, 9am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday (oh yeah, the joke is well and truly on me there!) and then the heavens open with various treats ranging from drizzle to thunderstorms (complete with torrential downpour) to “holy balls it’s hailstone the size of my head!”

So yeah, if I’m to believe the rumours currently circulating around the office, it is actually quite a hot Summer we’re having. Then again, this is coming from people who have windows to look out of while daydreaming about skipping through fields of freshly cut grass to “The Hills are Alive“…

Lucky gits.

Anyway, whether it is sunny or not, it is still Summer…And when Summer shows up, so do the short-shorts, moobs, beer garden disasters and squits from BBQ food. Ah bliss, I hear you shriek…

Not quite I say…Because you’re missing something.

Something very freaking important.

You’re missing ice-lollies of fresh fruit, nut butter variety.

Oh yes ladies and gents…Get your chops around these beauties:




Makes 4 ice lollies (and 1 small smoothie): 

2 ripe bananas 

1 tbsp Almond Butter (I’m indulging my Meridian Foods obsession again). 

300g strawberries

Top up with coconut water (approx 380ml) – I’m using Innocent Coconut Water for this.  


Nutty Summery Strawberry ice lollies1

It was my first time trying Coconut Water…I know, I know…How did I ever get to 30 without trying it?!


Slice the strawberries and bananas and place them into a jug…


Nutty Summery Strawberry ice lollies2

So much love for the Almond Butter…


Add the rest of the ingredients…Then blitz!


Nutty Summery Strawberry ice lollies3

How gorgeous does this look? I love the colour of a banana-strawberry smoothie mix.


Pour the mix into the ice lolly moulds (this was approximately 400ml for mine), add the tops and bob in the freezer until set!


Nutty Summery Strawberry ice lollies4

How quirky are these? They even have little spouty-straw things going on!


Then enjoy!

How is Summer treating you lovely lot?

R x

PS – “Hannibal” … That is all…


Bergen, Norway (#LHB_Travels)


Ålesund, Norway (#LHB_Travels)


  1. These look gorgeous! I have a bit of a thing for Meridian foods too – I convinced S that cashew butter was peanut butter! Will have to try these. Thanks for linking up!

    • Ruebi

      I have yet to try the Cashew butter…It’s only recently that I’ve been incorporating more nuts into my diet, hated them for a lot of years but it seems my tastes have started to change (starting with Almonds).

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