Alternative title: Instead of being the Grinch I was last year (I have the blogposts to prove it) I’ve been that annoying twonk who (as of the 1st of December) pretty much lived, breathed and farted the Christmas Spirit … Right down to the wearing of an elf hat and being a one person choir caroling her little heart out at every opportunity (note to self: public lavs are not a good place to caterwaul – I mean sing, definitely sing – carols, too much of that echoing nonsense and too many critics). 

I have been quite restrained where mince pies are concerned though because frankly, the moment I get my paws on a pack of those will be the moment I start the spiral into chaos that is eating my own body weight in them. Not a great sight for anyone to behold! 

“Have you written your list for Santa yet?” I ask M.

“No I haven’t … I just haven’t had time” M says (M, you see, has an addiction to Fallout 4 which has consumed many a waking hour recently).

“You have to write a list for him … How will he know what to send you if you’re on the nice list!” I gasp.

“Santa doesn’t exist” M counters.

“Santa does too exist!” I huff and pull my elf hat over my ears, shielding them from the blasphemy.

“No, he doesn’t” M says slowly.

“I can’t believe it, I can’t believe that you don’t believe in Santa” I’m appalled.

M merely shrugs defiantly.

“This is why the only present you’ll be getting under your tree this year is a reindeer turd … And it probably won’t be a glitter turd either” I mutter back, positive that M will be on the naughty list this year. I’m sorry Santa, M doesn’t mean it, he was just being a grumpy bum.

Anyway lovelies, I thought I would shout a Merry Christmas out there now (as I don’t have another post due until after the 25th – I know! Unbelievable isn’t it?). Enjoy the holidays – no doubt some of you will show up on my Instagram or Twitter feed (so I may be throwing Christmas hugs through the ‘net on the day) but those that don’t, be safe in the knowledge that I’ll probably consume a large amount of gin and chocolate and be asleep by 2pm so you won’t miss too much … Unless some git snaffles my defenseless mobile (*ahem* my lovely ‘baby’ brother who totally wouldn’t do that otherwise he will find my foot up his ass right up to my knee *ahem*).

Just time for an obligatory “here’s my Christmas tree” pic:



Fellow spoonie Nicole wanted to have a nosy of my Christmas tree … So being the bloggy person I am, I threw a photo on Instagram … As you do.


And what Christmas would be complete without a Pudding update:



If you want to know the story behind Pudding the Cactus you can have a nosy here! … For the Pudding fans out there, he’s still with us, still doing great and will probably need a new pot in the New Year. Cactus Mama is so proud! Doesn’t he look handsome?!


I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you dear readers for sticking with me this year, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and events and I’ve loved having you guys and gals along for the adventures, hopefully there will be far more happier ones to come here at LHB Blog and that you will join me for those too … I should have given a soppy post warning shouldn’t I?

Take care you awesome bunch! ((Group hug))

R x

PS – There will be a post as per usual next Tuesday ladies and gents … Which will outline a bit of what is to come on LHB Blog in 2016! Gah, I am so excited I could pee a little! See you there!


**EDIT – As some of you are aware I love Cumbria, it is a beautiful awe-inspiring part of the UK and somewhere that totally has my heart. Recently it’s been struck by severe flooding and while appealing for aid isn’t something I would normally do on here I feel I should at least share this link to the Cumbria Flood Appeal … If there is anyway in which you can help, please do!**