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Oslo, Norway (#LHB_Travels)

Alternative title: Ruebi and M’s adventures in Norway Part 4: Oslo…This is the last of the #LHB_Travels posts for a little while (until my bank balance recovers) *sigh* … If you want to catch up with the rest of the series they can be found here: BergenÅlesund and Geirangerfjord


So the final leg of our trip was to the capital of Norway, up until I lived in London a few years ago I didn’t particularly enjoy cities…I was constantly craving time in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. That changed, I changed, the moment I left the train at Kings Cross station that July afternoon…Suddenly I couldn’t get enough of city life. I craved the excitement, the culture, the ambiance. This feeling extended to other cities too, Vancouver, New York, Prague, Budapest…Now Oslo.

Don’t get me wrong, being surrounded by nature makes me feel alive, nurtured, peaceful, centred…But being in a city sets my senses on fire!

After our excellent stay at Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggen we were quite excited to be staying at the Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret during our time in Oslo (for the budget savvy – this was because they provided breakfast and an evening meal in with the cost of the stay). The hotel shares a building with the theatre so there was the option to see musicals or shows right on our doorstep…Or a chance to throw some shapes at the on-site nightclub (which we didn’t hear a peep out of surprisingly!).



This was our floor…It was bathed in this green all the time which was rather quirky.



Separate duvets! So happy about this…The other half has a habit of kicking his legs about in a double duvet so any warmth contained under it quickly disappears. Quite evil!

And while we didn’t have complimentary waffles, we did have this statue of Kate Moss in a very perplexing yoga pose right outside of the hotel:



Oh yeah…I can so do that move *ahem*


Totally makes up for lack of waffles right? RIGHT?! … Ok so I’d rather have had the waffles. At least I don’t feel inadequate for being unable to stick my feet behind my head when faced with waffles.

When waffles were lacking I was forced to seek out an alternative and found:



How gorgeous do these macarons look?

These were found in a fabulous cafe at Henrik Ibsens Gate called Pascal Konditori, their little pastries and truffles were lovely but their coffee was divine! An excellent spot to relax in after wandering the gardens of the Royal Palace.

Speaking of the Palace…



We walked through the nearby Slottsparken … I kept stopping to admire these beautiful purple flowers (anyone know what type they are?)



Which lead to this absolutely stunning building…(to those who follow me on Instagram – no, the kettle wasn’t on…gutted!)



How cute is this? … I think it’s a Summer house…



We traipsed around the garden in a bit of a daze, such gorgeous surroundings!


I should also point out that Kate wasn’t the only statue we came across while we wandered around the city:



This struck me as very Tim Burton-esque! (If anyone knows the name of the artist for this one can you let me know?)



I think this was the Motor Deer Sculpture – again, if you know the name of the artist let me know! I’m curious…



This one is by Antony Gormley! (You can find this and the ones above at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art).



This tiger sculpture is actually outside of the Central Station … Created by Elena Engelsen

If statues are your thing check out – Vigelandsparken!

Next stop – The Harbour!

Oslo Harbour is a beautiful place to visit with it’s amazing buildings (including the Nobel Peace Center), plenty of places to eat and even places to just dip your feet in the water. Oh, and boats, obviously…

And… The Opera House:



Amazing isn’t it!



Thought it was quite futuristic in design…



And yes, you can walk up the side of it…Right to the top!


Our stay coincided not only with Oslo Pride but America’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage…The atmosphere was amazing – busy, electric, vibrant!



Love definitely wins!


I’m quite sad that the Norway trip series has come to an end…I’m not sure how long it is going to be before we get to go on another holiday (hopefully soon, but with saving for a house deposit chances are that it’s unlikely to be THAT soon). Having said that, it’s probably cheaper to travel inside the UK next time, I hear Brighton is quite nice (they have a Choccywoccydoodah don’t they?! Reason enough for a visit) – do you folks have any recommendations?

R & M x

PS – If you want to keep up with my travels and life in general I can be found on Instagram and Twitter! Drop by and say hi!


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  1. WOW, Ruebi… it all looks amazing… fabulous!

    • Ruebi

      Thank you Kimmie…I absolutely loved visiting Norway! I’ll have to go back one day…

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