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Overnight Oats with Goji Berries and Choccy-Honey Syrup

Alternative title: …And breathe! Wow…Think the actual title says it all for a change! 


When I’m in the Migraine hangover (postdrome) phase I crave certain foods of the stodgy or overly sugary kind and drink of the milk variety (…By the bucket load! I kinda understand the stodgy and sugary cravings, but MILK? What the heck?!).

I’m not ashamed to admit that I usually give into these cravings. Considering my brain doesn’t know it’s arse from it’s elbow after an attack I’m ok with appeasing it…And after experiencing a Migraine from Hell the other day I wanted something very specific…I wanted chocolate. Not just a little piece of dark chocolate, oh no, I wanted the whole sodding chocolate factory complete with waterfall (“the waterfall is most important”).

This time though, I didn’t fancy having a tantrum at the Oompa Loompas as they dragged my backside out of the factory while singing something weird about me and I certainly didn’t want to traipse to the shop in the muggy weather (do any fellow Migraineurs find that the weather affects your noggins?), but I couldn’t just ignore the craving. So I hauled myself into the kitchen in search of cacao powder…And for some reason, honey. The next bit of that story is rather messy (cacao EVERYWHERE! It’s like sand in that respect) but the result is awesome…




I wasn’t going to post another overnight oats recipe so soon but I got far too excited by the addition of a chocolate syrup that I had to share…HAD TO! Especially as it is so simple to make and easy to adapt, so without further ado:

Chocolate Syrup (makes approximately 60ml…I took note when making it again as the first time round I was more concerned with getting it in my face). 

1/4 cup honey (or Agave).

2-3 tsp Raw Cacao Powder (Bioglan is still my go to – who do you folks use?).

1 tbsp water. 


Cacao and honey

Still waiting for the local Bee-Man to let me know when his bee’s have worked their magic…


All you have to do is throw it all together. And whisk until smooth. That’s it.


Chocolate Syrup

Obviously store this in an airtight container in the fridge, can you see where I’ve already had a teaspoon in this mix?!


If you want it a bit more chocolatey add more cacao powder until you get the desired taste (personally I liked the honey aftertaste, so only added the 3tsp but it is each to their own with this)…

Throw some Goji berries onto your overnight oats, drizzle a bit (or a lot) of the choccy syrup and boom! Breakkie for those with a sweet tooth.


Oats, Syrup and Goji 1

Went a bit Jackson Pollock with the syrup I’m afraid…Oops…


Ok folks, let’s talk Goji berries shall we? Whaddya mean “awww, I don’t wanna”?


Goji berries

Don’t they look rather odd?


Simply put, a Goji Berry (otherwise known as a Wolfberry) is a fruit harvested from Lycium Barbarum and Lycium Chinense – these are part of the Solanceae (Nightshade…Yes you read that right) family. They are good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium…A fabulous little berry to add to your juices/smoothies/oats.

I find them to be a little bit sour, so they compliment the chocolate syrup quite nicely.

R x

PS – the horror loving side of me is mourning the loss of the late and (very) great Christopher Lee…A truly amazing actor. Anyone else fancy a Hammer Horror movie marathon?


Hello Migraine, hello bathroom floor!


Spiders! Augh!


  1. Fantastic, I am so glad I found you 🙂 I am Gluten/Dairy free and this sounds amazing. I am just popping downstairs to get mine in the fridge. Thank you. xx

  2. If you actualy check out Oats, I have found they are Gluten Free. Shops do not advertise them as G/F because they are processed and grown near Gluten products. If you have a high Gluten intolerence then sure you need G/F oats but I have been using basic ones and save a lot of money. Would be interested if you found out anything different to my findings 🙂 So for this reason I also use Oat Milk but if you fancy a change, I have tried Almond Milk, Hazelnut Milk, Cashew Nut Milk and they even do Rice Milk which I haven’t tried yet but will be doing. xx

    • Ruebi

      You know…I’ve never tried Rice Milk either! I always wuss out and buy the oat milk instead, maybe next time I should just go for it! 🙂 Would be nice to try out some different milk alternatives – my local supermarket has only recently started stocking a variety (as you can imagine, I was thrilled and may have squealed at the shelf for a little while!).

  3. Bee

    I adore overnight oats! But, I always just have strawbs & blueberries. I never really mix it up – so when I am feeling adventurous I might just try this recipe ❤️
    Bee xxx

    • Ruebi

      I was quite apprehensive about trying overnight oats at first…That said, it’s taken me a (very long) while to understand the importance of breakfast and why I shouldn’t have a mild panic over eating it. The oats have definitely helped get me into a better routine (and mindset)…

      I so need to try it with strawbs and blueberries though – sounds a delicious combination!

      R x

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