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Introducing the Psychiatry Doctor

Alternative title: My Mental Health has thrown me down shit creek (again) without a paddle, or boat … Or even a sodding life jacket! My brain has kicked and screamed and bellyached at every opportunity (over the slightest of things) … And yet to many, I seem completely in control.

One of the few that does know that I’m suffering, is my new Psych Doc (Dr. C) as during our first meeting I was in floods of tears because my brain was telling me that I needed to check the handbrake on the car (for the 10th … 11th … 12th time!) and that by being in the waiting room I was being negligent and that someone would get hurt (they might even die!) and it would be all my fault … I’d already been back to my car twice and ready to dash for a third time when my name was called.

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There is no right way to grieve

Alternative title: I’m going to be channeling my inner Kanye West for the rest of this post so … Yeah. Not sure if you need a warning for that or if you just want to see what the heck goes down.

Since losing my dad to cancer a lot of people have been offering advice as to how they dealt with their grief. Some of it has been amazing, supportive and invaluable pieces which I honestly have taken on board … This post is for the pieces that were, well, less than helpful. They are the throwaway comments that leave a lasting impression of “what the actual f-?”

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C25K Week 4!

Alternative title: Because nothing says “get your arse out of bed!” like knowing someone is waiting for you to start running … At 6am … In the cold. Ugh! I’m pretty sure not even the birds are awake at that hour as I only really heard them start their tweeting an hour later while I attempted to warm up in a shower set to ‘hotter than the sun’.  

Week 4 has been a major milestone for me, not only did my running partner and I actually reach 5K while doing the week 4 intervals (I know right?! I’m thrilled!) … But I also managed to control my Anxiety long enough to go running with someone new (I met D the morning of the run – she’s a friend of a friend), on a route I didn’t know, for a time period longer than intended.

I not only stepped out of my comfort zone … But I also legged it for a couple of miles from there too!

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Decluttering Life Part 1 : Belongings

Alternative title: Why the crap do I own so much stuff? 30 bras (most of which are pretty much falling apart), a mini library of books that I’ve acquired (many in genres I have NO interest in reading), CDs from bands I stopped listening to (when I realised their lyrics were drivel) and not to mention clothes with tags (yes really), DVDs (as in cheesy horror box-sets that make my eyes bleed), paperwork upon paperwork upon paperwork … What the actual?!  

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about the meaningful things in life; the need to downsize my belongings (recycle and donate whatever I can) and live within my means, the need to remove people I consider ‘toxic’ (post to follow!) and replace them with positive influences and experiences, to spend quality time with those I love and to stand up for causes I believe in.

I suppose this is all rather normal when you undergo a life changing event … But there is a difference between thinking about it and doing it.

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