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Pole Update – Skater Pose

**For the squeamish types – I’ll be talking (briefly) about Periods and botty troubles**

Alternative title: Mother Nature has blessed me with a period cramp of such epic proportions that I fear even trusting a fart would be a disaster (please tell me I am not the only one who deals with potential botty blow outs when it’s that time of the month? I’m sure period squits is a thing), so what the devil was I thinking walking into the Pole Studio?!

Well …

“Screw you Mother Nature” is pretty darned close.

I worked through spin combinations, reversing the move midway through, learning how the slightest change of momentum can completely throw out the whole thing and leave you dusting the floor with your ass.

Spins aren’t my strongest suit … Yet. My brain gets dizzy quickly and my stomach starts to channel that puking possessed lass from The Exorcist – let’s face it, no one wants to see that scene recreated on a spinning pole! So when I get to the stage where I feel as though I’ve swigged the whole of Lancashire dry of Pale Ale my instructor moves onto tricks … Which is where the real fun begins …

More often than not I can watch a trick and think “I’ve totally got this” (famous last words), I can get into the basics of the trick (which makes me a bit of a smart-arse), then my concentration lapses (I blame the spins!) and I end up smashing my flapjack on the pole (you would not believe how painful that is) … That said, I’m the clumsy tit who managed to give herself a black eye doing headstands so is it really that surprising?

This time though, my concentration held, the pose held and this is the result:


Skater Pose

My first ever attempt at Skater Pose … It’s not particularly elegant, but I’m totally cool with it. It’ll improve with time. … And not a Tampon string in sight! Let’s face it though ladies and gents, would we be really bothered by a bit of string? (If you want to follow my mini adventures away from the blog you can on my Insta! Which is where you can also find my Pole journey pics).


With each trick I manage to complete the stronger I get, the stronger I get the nearer I am to trying inverted tricks (I’m looking at you two Gemini and Scorpio!) … My new Instructor is very cautious with getting to this stage as she prefers to teach without the use of chalk (for extra grip).

Have to say though, even my bruises have bruises today and I’m all out of Arnica! I know, what was I thinking lending that out?! Gah!

So lovelies … How do you deal with the bad crampy days?

R x

PS – My Instructor (C) has said she’ll film my spin combinations in the next few weeks … Anyone want me to post that footage so you can have a giggle at me shrieking as I get confused mid-reversal? I swear it’d win me £250 on “You’ve Been Framed“.


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  1. Wow this looks like fun, well for younger than me women. lol I’m following you on social media platforms now. Found you on the Weekend Blog Share.

    • Ruebi

      It is a lot of fun … And a lot of hard work! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the same can be said for Yoga 🙂

  2. Cool pose – and closer to any skater pose I’d ever get to! A hot pad always works for me, and chocolate! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo

    • Ruebi

      I was never much of an actual skater girl … Fell off the board wayyy too many times to count. But this, my brain understands this 🙂

      I was recently bought some hot chocolate from Whittard of Chelsea, it is amazing stuff! Comes as a block of chocolate that you stir into the hot milk … Unless you’re me in which case you stuff it into your face first. Lmao.

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