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Raspberry, Blackberry and Chia Seed Jam

Alternative title: If it looks like jam, smells like jam and tastes like jam…Then it’s jam, yeah? (Unless it’s Raspberry Liqueur by the Edinburgh Gin Distillery which strangely is the most jam like gin I’ve ever tasted! Mind is still very much blown by that). 


Recently I’ve been gifted a rather large amount of raspberries (from M’s garden…) which I’ve duly eaten until they were coming out of my ears and doctors feared I would eventually turn into one (a la Violet Beauregarde and her *ahem* unfortunate transformation into a blueberry) and while I love raspberries as much as the next person there are only so many punnets I can eat in a day.

So while mulling over the best way to cope with the raspberry overload as I traipsed down the supermarket aisle in search of Agave Syrup, I had the dawning realisation (as I passed the preserves) that I hadn’t eaten jam in an age! I seriously couldn’t remember the last time I’d had any…I know right? With Bake Off season round the corner too!




Makes a fabulous jar of (very easy) jam: 

250g Raspberries and Blackberries

1-2 tbsp Agave Nectar (or honey if you prefer)…I used 2 tbsp as I have quite the sweet-tooth! 

2 tbsp Chia Seeds



All ready to make some jam!


All you have to do is blend the fruit*, add the Agave Nectar and Chia Seeds, then bob it in the fridge:


Jam before refrigeration

I wanted to eat this right out of the jar…Alas, I had to leave it to set (in the fridge, obviously)


Over the course of a few hours (or overnight) the chia seeds will thicken the mix to create a jam (clever huh?)

Obviously store this in the fridge (in an airtight container) and consume in a few days…

Ok so it’s not a jam in the traditional sense but tastes pretty darned good and I’m happy with this substitute…It is also rather lovely when mixed with overnight oats!



Taken moments before I smushed it into one big mess!



*If you prefer jam with less bits then sieve the mix.

R x

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Geirangerfjord, Norway (#LHB_Travels)


Oslo, Norway (#LHB_Travels)


  1. Wow, what an easy way to make jam. I didn’t know that chia seeds would thicken it. It sounds delicious, I would be very tempted to eat it from the jar too.
    Amanda. #weekendblogshare.

    • Ruebi

      I really enjoyed this jam … Especially when I bobbed it with the overnight oats! Might have to make more in the New Year. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it if you try it out?

      R x

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