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Slimming Club Membership – Revoked!

Alternative title: I still maintain that the statement “all fats are bad fats” is utter bloody drivel!


“Did they just say what I think they just said?” my brain asked, clearly confused.

“Yes, yes they did” I smirk to myself.

“Aren’t you going to call bullshit on this? They’re kicking you out of the group because of an avocado?! A fricking avocado! Do they even know what an avocado is? Are they serious?” my brain is off on a tangent.

“Yes, yes they are” I’m giggling to myself now.

“What is all this ‘all fats are bad fats’ rubbish? And do they really think your butt is going to balloon from eating half of one of those? I just….What the hell?!”

“Dude, you can’t argue with stupid…Let’s just watch the turd-fest unfold” I shove another piece of avocado in my mouth and smile at the uproar.

I could have argued my point that while avocado does have a higher fat content when compared to most fruits, these fats are actually monounsaturated and as such can be beneficial to your health (when eaten in moderation of course – I’m not advocating an avocado eating competition in the fruit and veg aisle of the local Tesco…Unless we can get John Catucci to referee it…Now that shit would be epic!). I could have argued that avocado is actually a pretty versatile food to cook with (it can even be used as an oil replacement – oh yes, very bloody impressive!). I could have argued…But I didn’t.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to rock the boat, because let’s face it I’m that much of a gobby sod that if I was that way out I wouldn’t have rocked the boat, I would have tipped the sodding thing over while shrieking “these life jackets are all mine you avocado-hating heathens!”.

Oh no, I didn’t argue because I figured doing so would be like yelling into a vacuum (or cracking my head repeatedly on a brick wall) and I’d rather waste my breath reciting episodes of “The League of Gentlemen” on my drive home (what do you mean it’s just me that does this?…Oh like you’ve never yelled “what’s all this shouting? We’ll have no trouble here!”out of a window before…Stop judging me!).

I joined the group for ‘healthy eating’ support but found their diet advice misleading (and restrictive) so stuck to common sense changes…After a while I found the support to be, well, about as much use as a smack in the face. There have been comments made about my reluctance to lose (quite a substantial amount of) weight when in actuality I don’t need to lose any at all. There is ‘fat shaming’ after each weigh-in hiding under the guise of motivation but the simple fact is, hearing someone tell me to mind my belly fat is just rude…Especially since I can’t see my gut for my tits!

My longing for a healthier diet isn’t about what the scales say, it’s about changing how I treat my body…About how I perceive my body. It’s about creating a healthier, respectful, attitude to my body.

With that in mind they can stick the membership!


Look at this evil green git, like butter wouldn’t bloody melt….It’s waiting for you to eat it so it can make your butt expand four fricking dress sizes! (FYI yes I am utter turd at cutting these things, yes my fingers came off worse in this case and yes Spongebob plasters are awesome).

So folks, what are your favourite avocado recipes?

**EDIT: check back on Thursday as I’ll be posting a chocolate mousse recipe made with avocado! I kid you not!**

R x


Blueberry and Ginger Smoothie


Avocado Chocolate Mousse


  1. Holy cow some people are unbelievablely rude. I did Weight Watchers 5 years ago and love the lifestyle change. Still doing good. As for that group good ridance I say.

    • Ruebi

      I’ve never joined one of the actual slimming groups (like Weight Watchers), this one was just a little social group without any real professional guidance or structure. Suppose that’s the issue really, without the actual advice that a proper slimming group would provide it’s just a ‘flying by the seat of our pants’ approach to dieting.

  2. HA Kicked out of a healthy eating group. That needs to be written down as an achievement. People are nuts.
    Thanks for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop!

    • Ruebi

      Kicked out of a healthy eating group for eating something healthy is a definite achievement 😀 It’s quite funny really!

  3. No.
    No no no no no.
    What did avocados ever do to those poor, miserable, misguided wretches?

    • Ruebi

      They decided to be full of delicious fats that’s what they did…Damn those delightful green fruits!

  4. Crazy, avocado is in my superfoods cookbook #archiveday

    • Ruebi

      I know right?! All I could do was laugh about the whole thing, I initially thought they were joking! Love avocados!

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