Alternative title: Apparently “because Christopher Eccleston is awesome” is not a valid reason to carry on watching ‘The Leftovers‘…if that’s the case then I’m all out of ideas!


“Ruebi, you can’t pick a TV series based on the actor that is in it” my friend said.

“Says who? With the amount of rubbish being produced for TV now I need an incentive to pick a show” I wiggled the remote at the TV.

“Pick it based on the storyline or at least the title”.

“Storyline? You look up a storyline for any programme now and you get to know everything from who the murderer is to what colour socks the old lady in the corner shop was wearing when she accidentally guffed, have they never heard of spoilers? And if the decision was based on titles, would you watch ‘The Strain‘ (because I’d assume this was a medical documentary about extreme cases of constipation) or ‘The Leftovers‘ (in which Gordon Ramsay investigates restaurant bins) or even ‘Chasing Shadows‘ (it would be some nobber trying to stalk his shadow along the beach at Blackpool until the sun went down…there’d be seagull turds and fake tits blowing in the breeze)”


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