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Homemade Granola

Alternative title: I fear I now have an addiction to Granola…


During our stay in Ålesund I probably consumed my body weight in nut-free Granola and complimentary waffles, I nearly cried over the cereal section on our last breakfast there…I know, odd reaction really, but in my hometown I can’t find nut-free Granola for love nor money and I am one of the poor unfortunate souls who end up screaming “I don’t want nuts!” in the aisle of the local supermarket.

It’s not that I oppose nutty cereals or anything (you’re already aware of my love of Almonds…Especially in butter form) but I find some of them to be quite overpowering. I actually want to taste the oats, otherwise I’d just buy a bag of hazelnuts or cashews and add milk to that.

Actually I probably wouldn’t as I’m still adapting to my new found affection for almonds and this change in taste doesn’t seem to have extended to other nuts yet…(Ok folks, admit it, how many of you giggled at that statement?).

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Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Alternative title: Yes…A smoothie…In a bowl! 


“Why are you putting that smoothie in a bowl?” my brain asked perplexed.

“Because it’s a smoothie bowl…It’s a bit thicker than a normal smoothie because of the frozen banana and the avocado…You eat it with a spoon” I wave the spoon in the air, as though this gives it further significance.

“No really…Why are you putting that smoothie in a bowl?” my brain isn’t convinced.


“Yes? I’m listening…” I can almost hear it impatiently tapping a foot (if brain’s had feet, obviously).

“…Because I want to make something pretty, ok?!”

“…Sure…” my brain still isn’t convinced.

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Banana, Spinach and Mango Smoothie

Alternative title: The Tax-Man stole most of my overtime money (seriously, I felt like wiping my butt with this month’s payslip in protest!)…So I decided to cheer myself up by purchasing a NutriBullet. My colleagues however, think this is a really odd and really rude contraption from Ann Summers


“Why are you putting those leaf type things into your tub?” My brain seems unimpressed.

“It’s Spinach…It’s good for us” as I ran the greens under the tap.

“Spinach?” My brain is definitely unimpressed.

“It’s full of vitamins and minerals and-” I start to explain.

“Spinach?!” It’s now packing a bag ready to leave.

“Yes Spinach” I huff.

“In a smoothie? Spinach?…What the hell is wrong with you?”

My brain is probably filing for divorce as I type.

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Roasted Pepper Soup

Alternative title: In which I find a rather demonic looking roasted pepper and consider repenting my sins…Until I realise that the sun will probably supernova before I finish listing them all…Sigh.


“Why are you making something you don’t like?” my brain huffed.

“What do you mean?” I rubbed my eyes and cursed the onion.

“Well, you freaking hate pepper…Why are you making a pepper soup?”

“You’re thinking of a different type of pepper” I mutter.

“…huh?” my brain was rather befuddled.

“You’re thinking of peppercorns, a seasoning, part of the Piperaceae family…We’re using Bell and Chiquino peppers, which are called Capsicum and part of the Nightshade fam-”

“Nightshade? … Are you bonkers?!”

This is the genius I live with.

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