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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Alternative title : I’m not about to pretend that 2017 was anything more than an utter shit storm of epic proportions … That said, while you can’t polish a turd, you can roll it in glitter! 

2017 began as a nightmare, a grief infused devastatingly painful experience that I’m still amazed I managed to get through … Losing my dad imprints on my every waking moment, but that very first day of 2017 will always be the one that will hurt the most. Waking from a massive stress driven Migraine with the dawning realisation that my world had changed forever and that nothing would ever fix that left me, in turn, broken beyond repair. It was an excruciating level of pain, every inch of me felt the emotional and physical repercussions of that grief. I wanted to stop feeling … And for a little while the feeling did stop and a quiet numbness took over.

A resigned numbness that this new reality was one I would have to accept and no amount of throwing myself on the floor in a shrieking stroppy mess would change that.

A numbness that made things bearable … Just.

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Chinese Cupping Therapy

Alternative title: Because sometimes going to the GP’s office becomes lot like listening to a broken record … While smashing your head on the table next to the record player. 

During my last GP appointment I mentioned that my Migraines have been flaring a lot more than usual and wondered if there was something else we could try  … Unfortunately it appears I have worked my way through the majority of the drugs they offer and those that remain are in the groups that I am known to react to. Brilliant. Just freaking brilliant.

Once again I am left with cocodamol or spork … My choice. I should point out that neither were particularly useful when I hurled my guts at work and couldn’t figure out the way back to my desk during a delightful Migraine attack. I had to be driven home by the boss! Again! Just ugh.

It feels like I have no control over my body and/or brain with my various ailments and my constant reliance on pure medicine is proving … Underwhelming. So, this is a “why the hell not” to trying complementary/alternative/holistic medicines alongside …

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A Spider in the Shower

Alternative title: I have no doubt that had I been constipated prior to the spider encounter I certainly wouldn’t have been afterwards! 

Hot water cascaded through my hair, caressing my neck, trickling down my spine … Goosebumps pimpled my skin as the heat hit my fingers and toes, extremities usually so cold due to Hypothyroidism suddenly rising in temperature. As the aches of the day washed away I reached for the shampoo and there, glaring at my naked frame from behind the bottle, was the biggest spider I have ever seen in my 31 years on this earth.

Obviously I reacted like any rational adult … With much screaming, throwing of the shampoo bottle, expletives and a rather dramatic launching of myself at the shower door. The closed shower door. Multiple times.

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Niralamba Sarvangasana

Alternative title : Quite frankly it sounds like something I should see my GP about getting some cream for … In actual fact, it just means “Unsupported Shoulder stand”. Yes folks, I’m talking yet another Yoga Milestone

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (mostly my Pole Dancing ones) I have a bit of a fear of Inversions … And like all good fears, it’s amazing to defeat them! For many months I have been doing shoulder stands as part of my regular Ashtanga class, trying to focus on core strength, balance and breathing (and yes, my boobs are still trying to kill me). Learning to trust myself in that pose, learning that it’s ok to fall out of it and try again but just to take it slow and be patient.

This week I got myself into Salamba Sarvangasana (supported shoulder stand) and then, with a “holy shit” … I released my arms.

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