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Anything, everything and nothing

**Not sure if this needs a trigger warning or not but I always like to throw one out here just in case**

Alternative title: I’m sorry I haven’t been here much … I’ve been a little unwell … In fact, I’ve been a rather muddled mess! 

It’s been a while since I last posted on here; I hadn’t forgotten my little place on the internet or the words I have poured into it, I didn’t want to leave it neglected and to disappear into the ether, but I also didn’t feel like I could be here either … Recently my Anxiety, Depression, OCD, OCPD and Grief have all been taking turns to squish my insides, they’ve turned my thoughts into poison, my brain into a traitor and left me distraught at the prospect of another day walking with one or more of those demons clawing at me.

I needed the time out from here to heal up a bit.

I needed the time out from here to focus on what I needed.

I needed the time out from here to ask for help.

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Ålesund, Norway (#LHB_Travels)

Alternative title: Ruebi and M’s adventures in Norway Part 2: Ålesund, the only place in the world to completely rival my love of Vancouver…And I really, really love Vancouver…If you missed Part 1 of our trip (in which we arrived in Bergen), you can find the post here!


Receptionist: “And we have complimentary waffles, tea and coffee between 3pm and 6pm”

Me: “I’m sorry…Did you say ‘complimentary waffles’?”

Receptionist: “Yes, complimentary waffles…”

Me: “complimentary…waffles…”

Brain: “Ruebi, are you crying?”

Me: “I’m…Just *sob*…So…*sniffle* HAPPY!”

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Thoughts upon turning 30

Alternative title: SPOILER ALERT – it feels the same as being twenty-freaking-nine!


Well, it’s official…I’m 30. No, I didn’t wake up on my birthday suddenly brimming with confidence that oozed sexiness so profoundly that a few men (and a few women) the world over fainted at the slightest swish of my jiggly ass. No, I didn’t produce unicorn farts (I seriously feel like I’m missing out with that one), I didn’t change my (rather cynical) perspective on humanity nor did I become enamored with the concept of taking over the world (much). What did happen was that I awoke on my birthday and realised that my eyebrows looked like a caterpillar orgy occurring on my forehead, I noticed a new grey hair taking the piss out of me from within my fringe and I then argued with a pair of rather skinny jeans. The jeans won.

Needless to say, I booked myself in to have the eyebrows threaded (nothing says happy birthday like ripping hairs out of your face).

Needless to say, it felt like any other day.

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