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Tomato, Chickpea and Lentil Soup

Alternative title: I’ve been saying “jolly good” far too much recently…I blame Malcolm Reed…Yes I am a Trekkie. I regret nothing!


“What else have we seen this guy in?” my brain mutters.

Desmond’s” I whisper back and reach for a strawberry “it was that show about the barbers shop in Peckham“.

“A barbers shop?…In Peckham?”

“Yeah…Was quite a good series from what I recall” I bob another strawberry in my mouth.

“How do you even remember that?”

“He was the stylist with the very tight trousers…” I find myself frowning at the now empty punnet.

My brain, however, is lost for words – for a change!

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Spicy Buttery Chickpea and Split Red Lentil Soup

Alternative title: I can’t seem to cook lentils without hearing Neil from “The Young Ones” bellowing “guys! There’s some dinner on the floor if you want it!”… Being raised on a comedy series like that is probably the reason I’m a sarcastic git.


“What…The heck…Are they?” My brain mumbled.

“Split red lentils” I mutter as I tear open the bag, lentils spill on to the counter top…over the counter top…Into the pup’s bowl. Pup looks decidedly unimpressed.


“Yes lentils…”

“And you’re going to mix them with chickpeas? By ‘eck we’ll be farting like mad!”


I blame ‘The Young Ones!’

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