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Anything, everything and nothing

**Not sure if this needs a trigger warning or not but I always like to throw one out here just in case**

Alternative title: I’m sorry I haven’t been here much … I’ve been a little unwell … In fact, I’ve been a rather muddled mess! 

It’s been a while since I last posted on here; I hadn’t forgotten my little place on the internet or the words I have poured into it, I didn’t want to leave it neglected and to disappear into the ether, but I also didn’t feel like I could be here either … Recently my Anxiety, Depression, OCD, OCPD and Grief have all been taking turns to squish my insides, they’ve turned my thoughts into poison, my brain into a traitor and left me distraught at the prospect of another day walking with one or more of those demons clawing at me.

I needed the time out from here to heal up a bit.

I needed the time out from here to focus on what I needed.

I needed the time out from here to ask for help.

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Tomato, Chickpea and Lentil Soup

Alternative title: I’ve been saying “jolly good” far too much recently…I blame Malcolm Reed…Yes I am a Trekkie. I regret nothing!


“What else have we seen this guy in?” my brain mutters.

Desmond’s” I whisper back and reach for a strawberry “it was that show about the barbers shop in Peckham“.

“A barbers shop?…In Peckham?”

“Yeah…Was quite a good series from what I recall” I bob another strawberry in my mouth.

“How do you even remember that?”

“He was the stylist with the very tight trousers…” I find myself frowning at the now empty punnet.

My brain, however, is lost for words – for a change!

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