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The Girl with the Pink Docs

Alternative title: “Song to Say Goodbye” is playing, it was the song that had gently filtered through the car speaker system the night we sped to hospital knowing my dad would be breathing his final breaths within hours.”Song to Say Goodbye” is playing, tears are hot on my face, mascara traces left behind, betraying them to the world. “Song to Say Goodbye” is playing … And my heart is in pieces. 

I would follow them around the world if I could …

Because they make me feel alive.

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January blues…

Alternative title: Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are kicking my butt (I get a strange twitch whenever I smell coffee), everyone I know is on a sodding diet (no I don’t want to know how many points are in a single Jelly Tot!) and my body clock is so out of sync that my brain is too puddled to register if I’m wearing pants (I don’t think this is unique to January though)…


I’m in the work’s car park with a puzzled look on my face…my legs look grey. This could mean that (despite still being half asleep) I managed to drag on some trousers OR (more likely) my milk bottle skin just goes that colour during the Winter months.

“I erm…I can’t tell if I’m wearing pants…of any kind” I mutter out loud, choosing to ignore the bemused looks of my fellow staff members.

“Trust me love, you’d be flapping in the breeze if you weren’t wearing anything” my brain said cheerfully. Git.

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