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The Girl with the Pink Docs

Alternative title: “Song to Say Goodbye” is playing, it was the song that had gently filtered through the car speaker system the night we sped to hospital knowing my dad would be breathing his final breaths within hours.”Song to Say Goodbye” is playing, tears are hot on my face, mascara traces left behind, betraying them to the world. “Song to Say Goodbye” is playing … And my heart is in pieces. 

I would follow them around the world if I could …

Because they make me feel alive.

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Placebo – Blackburn

Alternative title: I have no voice, I’ve taken multiple elbows to the head, there is blood, sweat and probably pee all over the floor…But none of this matters because there, on the stage, is the first and only band I will ever truly love…And I am bouncing like the total utter fricking fan-girl that I am!


I’m in the standing section (turned mosh pit) at King Georges Hall, “The Bitter End” has created hysteria amongst the crowd and they surge towards the stage…I lose Pinky in the first rush and Perky in the next, in the midst of a readjustment I curse my lack of forethought – I should have worn a shock absorber!

This is something you’re not warned about when you attend a gig…Though suppose having posters with “ladies mind your baps” might be a bit like teaching one’s grandmother to suck eggs.

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