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Moxibustion Therapy

Alternative title: Is it just me who gets not only a visual aura (personal light show all up in my eyeballs!) but an olfactory one too (the rather pleasant scent of white chocolate!)?  

As part of my ‘Ruebi attempts alternative therapies because Migraines make her want to remove her brain with a spork‘ series I decided to try a hand therapy called Moxibustion … Or rather my Therapist (yep, the same one who tried out Cupping Therapy on me) insisted on giving it a go and me being me, just shrugged and went with the flow!

In my defense I’d started to experience aura en route to her office so she could have said she was going to stick pins in my eyes and I would probably have gone with it.

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Alternative title: Because the last thing you want to do when dealing with a Migraine hangover is having needles stuck in your face right? … Unless you’re called Ruebi of course … In which case you throw that postdrome shit to the wind and try not to hurl during midline scalp Acupuncture!  

So as I mentioned in my post on Cupping Therapy my Therapist wanted to try out Acupuncture for my Migrainey brain and quite frankly, I’m willing to try most things in an attempt to control and/or minimise the frequency of the attacks (as after 15+ years with Migraine I’m not sure if it will ever be possible for me to find a cure for them) … It would however be nice to be able to venture out into the world without quickly finding myself in the prodrome phase without painkillers (nightmare!).

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Chinese Cupping Therapy

Alternative title: Because sometimes going to the GP’s office becomes lot like listening to a broken record … While smashing your head on the table next to the record player. 

During my last GP appointment I mentioned that my Migraines have been flaring a lot more than usual and wondered if there was something else we could try  … Unfortunately it appears I have worked my way through the majority of the drugs they offer and those that remain are in the groups that I am known to react to. Brilliant. Just freaking brilliant.

Once again I am left with cocodamol or spork … My choice. I should point out that neither were particularly useful when I hurled my guts at work and couldn’t figure out the way back to my desk during a delightful Migraine attack. I had to be driven home by the boss! Again! Just ugh.

It feels like I have no control over my body and/or brain with my various ailments and my constant reliance on pure medicine is proving … Underwhelming. So, this is a “why the hell not” to trying complementary/alternative/holistic medicines alongside …

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